4 Thyroid Supplements from Nature’s Sunshine

Next to muscle mass, glandular imbalances are certainly influential in regulating the body’s basal metabolic rate.  For instance, if the body is low in iodine, thyroid function is reduced and slows the metabolism. Thyroid supplements…

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Metabolism & Weight Management

Our metabolism is affected by several factors, aside from muscle mass content.  Oftentimes when a person makes up their mind to get serious about weight management and they begin to see results, they cut back on…

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The Skinny on Snot – What is Your Snot Telling You?

This information is taken from our webinar “The Skinny on Snot” with Steven Horne, RH (AHG). Let’s start by answering this question: what is mucus? Mucus is a thin, slippery secretion that coats mucus membranes. It…

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Clary Sage Essential Oil & Sage Leaf Uses

Used as a meat preservative for hundreds of years, garden sage is now used as a cooking ingredient. Clary Sage is grown in dry climates and is used to create clary sage essential oil. Benefits…

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Learn About Your Liver with these Liver Infographics

  Looking at Your Liver Your liver can contain approximately 10% of the blood in your body at any given time. This organ regulates the supply of body fuel, cleanses your blood, manufactures essential body…

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Natural Health Food Stores: Are You Shopping At the Right Place?

Where do you get your natural health products? Do you order them online or do you have a trusted practitioner you go to? Do you go to the nearest natural health food store or do…

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8 Exercises to Strengthen Knees and Joints

Keeping healthy knees and joints is an important component for overall health. The 3 most common areas of knee injury are: 1. IT Band: The IT band runs from the pelvis to the knee, and…

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12 Easy-to-Use Health and Nutrition Apps Even Your Kids Would Endorse

There’s an app for almost everything these days—even to help us get healthy! While boring calorie counters can be efficient, they take the fun out of staying healthy and fit. To put the fun back…

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Orange Essential Oil Recipes

Bright and Bold! Like strolling through a fragrant, sun-kissed orchard, Nature’s Sunshine Certified Organic Orange essential oil packs a burst of mouthwatering citrus freshness for any aromatic application. This premium Orange oil can uplift and…

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