What are Phytosterols?

While you may have heard of phytosterols as healthy for you, you may not be familiar with what they are and how they work in the body. Phytosterols have become a bit of a buzzword…

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Nature’s Sunshine: 45 Years of Quality

For 45 years, we’ve been trusted by distributors as the leaders in nutritional supplement manufacturing. We don’t fall into the fads of supposed “super ingredients,” nor do we try and lure customers with too-good-to-be-true advertising….

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What are Electrolytes?

You’ve likely seen these touted as ingredients in health foods, sports drinks, and supplements – but what exactly is an electrolyte?  The truth is that electrolytes are very valuable in cultivating great overall health, and…

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hummus and olive oil

5 Hummus Recipes

Hummus Recipe You can find this recipe at The Lebanese Kitchen website.  28 oz / 8oo g canned chickpeas 3 garlic cloves, peeled 4 tablespoons tahini juice of 2 lemons 2 teaspoons sea salt extra…

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Urine Color

Urine Color: What Does it Say About Your Hydration?

Your urine can actually tell you a lot about your health – including whether or not you’re properly hydrated. So let’s look at a few different things you should know about urine color and how…

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Woman's Flexibility

3 Things You Can Do Each Day To Become More Flexible

Flexibility may not seem like the most important health aspect for you right now, but the truth is that the older you get the more you’ll wish you’d spent time increasing your flexibility. As you…

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The Ultimate Gut Health Road Map

How healthy is your gut? Do you suffer from occasional constipation? Do you experience occasional indigestion? Follow our gut health road map below!  

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7 Sources of Protein for Vegetarians

One of the biggest concerns many people have when going on a vegetarian diet is finding reliable, tasty, and affordable sources of protein. While those making the switch to vegetarianism, there’s no denying that beef…

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Health Assessment

Quick Health Assessment

When it comes to your overall health and wellness, there are some simple things you can begin doing today. Learn more about improving your health goals by taking our Health Assessment Quiz below.

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Histamine Foods

10 High & Low Histamine Foods

  If you’ve ever dealt with seasonal allergies, or you happen to have a serious food allergy, then you’ve likely heard the term “histamine” in one context or another. While histamine is directly related to…

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