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Since Gene and Kristine Hughes sat at their kitchen table filling gel caps with cayenne pepper, Nature’s Sunshine has always been about helping people find natural, top quality herbs and supplements to promote and optimize health.

We want to salute and honor the people who have shared our products with others for over 45 years. In the process of sharing, you help people. You help people find the highest quality products they can put their trust in because they work, and you know we’ll never let you down by compromising on standards.

Network Marketers: 45 Years of Sharing Your Way

Network marketers know the value of delivering prompt, personal, and knowledgeable service to their customers and those they sponsor onto their teams.

Early on, the Hughes family decided to incorporate network marketing into their business model, and this approach has helped hundreds of thousands of people worldwide to have access to wholesale products they can use for themselves, sell to their friends and family, and to build teams while earning bonuses and rewards the more they share with others.

Network marketers come from all income levels and all walks of life, and this is what makes our model so inspiring and effective: anyone with passion, drive, and work ethic can benefit. Nature’s Sunshine has always been dedicated to providing our growing pool of talented network marketers the tools they need to succeed.

Practitioners: Building a Network of NSP Evangelists

Health practitioners who carry Nature’s Sunshine products are able to offer their clients yet one more method of supporting optimal health. We salute practitioners who teach their clients about the benefits of quality supplements along with good nutrition and an active lifestyle.

Practitioners provide a valuable service when they can point their clients toward immediate and tangible ways to reduce unwanted symptoms. Offering Nature’s Sunshine products in their offices or places of business allows clients to take swift action for better health. When practitioners marry their knowledge of their specific area of practice with knowledge of Nature’s Sunshine products, it’s the best of both worlds.

Retailers: Helping and Healing One-on-One

For those of you who sell Nature’s Sunshine products in a retail setting, we salute you. So often, customers come into these stores hoping that someone will be able to help answer some questions and point them toward possible solutions to health issues they may be experiencing. Our retailers do that with care, concern, and plenty of constant study about the NS products they put onto their shelves. Their dedication, devotion, and passion to retailing our products have assisted Nature’s Sunshine to build the incredible reputation we enjoy today.

Sharing with the Masses

When people help people, the world is a better place. Nature’s Sunshine’s innovative, top quality nutritional supplements and other products are designed to help people take control of their health and strive for optimal wellness. Our business opportunities allow people to take control of their financial health.

When you have something wonderful to tell people, why keep quiet? For over four decades, the combined efforts of our network marketers, practitioners, and retailers have succeeded in benefiting hundreds of thousands of people. Our generous compensation plans, rebates, commissions, and rewards programs are our way of thanking you for your efforts in spreading the word.

Interested in learning more about network marketing, offering our products in your practitioner office, or selling Nature’s Sunshine in a retail setting? Click here to learn how you can get started today!

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