How Do I Set Up a LinkedIn Account?

In today’s business world there are many things you should be doing to ensure you stay at the top of your game, are aware of industry best practices, andincrease your opportunities for better jobs and…

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Essential Oils

Where Can I Buy Essential Oils?

From February 13th through February 20th Save 15% on all Essential Oils! Essential oils are a big deal these days – and for good reason. They provide numerous health benefits, can easily clean your home,…

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Midday Fatigue

Alpha Lipoic Acid from Nature’s Sunshine

We could all use a little bit of extra energy throughout the day, right? By the time two or three in the afternoon rolls around it seems like we’re always reaching for that extra cup…

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We could all use a bit of extra help when dealing with the stress of all the day-to-day issues we have to put up with, right? From work, your home life, taking care of the…

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Alfalfa – History’s Favorite Supplement

  While there are certainly many great new supplements coming out these days, there is one that’s stood the test of time for thousands of years – alfalfa. Dating back to civilizations as ancient as…

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Candida - microscopic view

Candida Albicans: What are They?

  Staying healthy isn’t just about watching what you eat, making sure you exercise, and sleeping regularly each night. There’s a lot more that goes into optimal health than the activities we so often see…

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Aloe Infographic

Amazing ALOE Infographic

This popular succulent plant grows wild in tropical climates and has been harvested for thousands of years (back to ancient Egypt!) for its many health benefits.  ALKALINITY Aloe juice is slightly alkaline and may help…

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Finding Balance: Using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a more than 5000 year old system of healing, there are five basic constitutional types, based on the five Chinese elements: water, wood, fire, earth and metal. Discovering your predominate constitutional type and balancing…

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Acidophilus: Have You Heard of This Probiotic?

If you’re like most average adults, chances are you experience some sort gastric distress on a regular basis. Unless you’re vigilant about consuming a very healthy diet, the different chemicals, preservatives, and other ingredients in…

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Nature's Sunshine Featured


Recipe submitted by Kay Lubecke, B.A., M.S. , NSP National Manager   Drain 1 pound tofu.  Cut into ¾ inch cubes.  Put on 2 layers of paper towels and cover with 2 layers.  Press to remove…

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