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So you have a business! Along with the vast majority of businesses these days, comes social media and marketing. This is the prime method of getting your business acknowledged by your target audience. You’ve got business support and IT Services to help you in the financial and accounts sector, but getting the actual attention of potential customers or buyers is the tricky part. So, you’ve done the work of creating your Facebook Business page – now it’s time to have some fun. You get to help people live healthier, better lives. You get to coach people. You get to help people find a way to make a living doing what you do. How exciting!

Pick your first topic. Post about something you are passionate about – health and wellness, childhood obesity, heart health, building muscle, decreasing stress, and anxiety. If you don’t like this topic, later on, you can always change it. There are always growing pains while setting up a business and getting comfortable is important. If you haven’t done this before, you can’t expect to get it right straight away. There will always be trial and error. share their content (that’s why they put it online) as long as you link back to the content or give a shout out. You obviously don’t want to take content from another source and pretend like it’s your own.

So, let’s start looking at some of those non-NSP resources. Alltop gathers content from all over the world wide web and puts it into one spot. They have a “health” section that you can click on and they’ll give you a list of several topics: acne, breastfeeding, headaches, heart disease, raw foods, and the list goes on and on. Click on the topic you’re interested in and you’ll have a list of dozens of articles that you can choose from. You can also use their search tool if you’re interested in a specific topic.

Local News Sources: Use local newspaper websites and TV stations to find health-related topics that are in your area if you’re are targeting a local audience.

Other News Sources: CNN, FoxNews, MSN, etc. Many of these national news outlets have a health section. If you don’t have a preference, CNN is a good one to start with. They’ve got a pretty good health section.

Online Journals: If you’re more interested in the science side, there are many scientific journals online.

Government Resources: Presidential Fitness Challenge,, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and many more.

You can also follow other health-related Facebook pages and share content that you find interesting.

Posting Q&A

Should I only post about health topics? It’s up to you. On the corporate site, we tend to stick with business-building and health-related but you have more flexibility. Let your personality shine through. You’ll quickly learn what people like and don’t like but don’t be afraid to branch out. You’ll never make everyone happy with every post. People will stop following you. People will hide your posts. It’s okay :)

How often should I post? It’s important to remember that not everyone who is a fan of your page will see everything you post. It’s typically 2%-5% of your actual followers who will see a post. Some do better than others. You can use things like da checkers to evaluate this and improve your outreach. In our next article, we’ll talk about what you can do to increase that percentage. But, back to the original question, once a week to 14 times a week (twice a day). Vary your post times if you’re posting multiple times per week. There are prime times to post (8 at night and 8 in the morning) but other times may work better for your fans, so experiment. In a later article I’ll show you how to see when people are actually viewing your posts (and a few other metrics that Facebook provides).

What if I don’t have time to go in every day and post? Once you get it down it takes less than 10 minutes to find good content and post it. But, life gets busy. There are free tools that allow you to create posts and schedule them. You can also schedule them out on Facebook itself.

Go find some great content and start posting!

If you have specific questions, go ahead and email them to me at Facebook isn’t the only place that you can use to post content. Aurora wrote a great article on the other social media tools that are at your disposal.

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