11 Simple Ways to Burn 3000 Extra Calories a Week

Three-thousand calories seems like a lot to burn. But some daily changes spread out over the course of a week, can make it easy. Tribe Sports designed this graphic that shows 7 of them, but let’s add to it. Below are 11 ways you can burn 3k+ calories a week:

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Play with Your Pet or Kids : 200 calories/hour

In just 20 minutes of playing with kids, or half an hour of walking a dog you can burn 100 calories. Not to mention improve relationships and create memories!

Walk or Bike Instead of Drive: 240-300 calories/hour

Biking burns 240 calories/hour, walking burns 300 calories/hour on average.
78% choose to drive instead of walk, even for short distances. I know I am guilty of this. I often drive to the grocery store that is less than half a mile from my house, even when I am only picking up a few things.
Walking instead of driving will help you burn calories, save gas money, save wear and tear on your car, cut down CO2 emissions and more.

Take the Stairs: 360 calories/hour

Same idea of walking instead of driving. Taking the stairs will save you time and calories. 53% of Americans take the escalator or elevator over the stairs.

Lift Weights: extra 100 calories for 24 hours after

Lifting weights helps your body burn more calories. If a woman lifts weights, she will burn an extra 100 calories on average over the next 24 hours. Don’t want to hit the gym? Try other weight exercises, such as carrying an infant or pushing a stroller.

Clean Your House: 300 calories/hour

You can burn calories just by helping out around the house. Is your car dirty? 20 minutes washing the car is 100 calories burned. Don’t want to wash the car? Try mowing the lawn or weeding the garden. Still not your cup of tea? Rearrange your furniture, cook a meal, or just pick up around the house. In about 20-30 minutes you will have burned an additional 100 calories, and you will have a cleaner house! Big perk!

Get Enough Sleep: Consume 500 fewer calories

30% of working Americans get less than 6 hours of sleep. Did you know that if you are sleep deprived you are more likely to overeat? In fact, on average you will eat 500 more calories if lacking sleep.

Eat In: 200 calories/hour of cooking time +saved calories

Not only do you burn about a hundred calories for every half an hour you spend cooking, but restaurant food, while tasty, gets that flavor from fats, oils, sugars, etc. If you want to cut calories, start by eating at home. You will save a good amount of calories, and you will also save some money!

Go Play: 200+ calories/hour

Choosing entertainment options that are active can help you burn hundreds of extra calories. Just carrying your golf clubs when playing 18 holes will help you burn 100 calories. Playing catch for half an hour can burn 100 calories. 15 minutes of singles tennis can burn 100 calories. In other words, find a sport or activity you enjoy, and spend some of your leisure time doing that.

Laugh: 300 calories/hour

Laughter is the best medicine and a great calorie burner. It raises the heart rate, stretches face muscles, and elevates mood. Laughing even ten minutes a day will help you burn an extra 50 calories.

Exercise with Friends: 157 calories/hour
You are more likely to go and stick with your workout. You will motivate one another and spark some competition. You will stick to your goals. The recommended amounts of exercise are 2.5 hours of aerobic and muscle training at least twice a week.

Go Shopping: 175 calories/hour

While lots of fun, shopping of involves a lot of walking, stretching, etc. and can burn 100 calories in just under 40 minutes. So next time you want to burn a little extra, head to the mall, or even just the grocery store.

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