4 Ways You Can Make an Infused Oil

Infusing your own oil doesn’t have to be complicated. These four short videos show you a variety of ways to make an infused oil.

Method 1:

• Cover dry herb with Olive, sesame or sweet almond oil, etc.
• Add oil until covered with 1/2 inch oil.
• Stir/shake daily for 14 – 30 days
• Press/strain
• Store in a cool place.


Double Boiler Method

• Steep the herbs in the oil until the oil takes up the color of the herbs (usually about an hour), in a very low heat.

• Deep-fried or overcooked herbs are not medicinal.


Quick Blender Method

• Add ½ part vodka to 1 part dry herb.

• Allow to soak several hours.

• Put in blender with 7 parts oil.

• Blend until sides of blender are warm. (2-5 minutes)

• Strain and bottle


 Croc Pot Over Night Method


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