5 Resources for Small Business Owners


With the holiday season in full-swing and the calendar year wrapping up, a lot of small business owners are looking ahead to 2017, exploring different ways to grow their business. Regardless of what your business specializes in, you’ll most likely be able to find a marketing agency that can help you get your brand out there. Whether you need to refine your SEO strategy if you’re in the private sector education business, or if your company focuses on creating digital products, there will be services out there to assist you in your industry. Although, some smaller brands could focus on merchandising efforts.

To help them out, we put this list together of five resources that are a can’t-miss for any small business owners.


The United States Small Business Administration’s website may be one of the best resources for small business owners. From lessons on cyber security to information on gaining federal funding or developing a marketing plan, the SBA website provides a good launching pad for small business owners.

The only downside to SBA.GOV is the fact that a lot of the information on the website is more basic and less in-depth. So if you’re ready to move from a small to mid-sized business, you’ll want to find other in-depth sources to supplement your SBA.GOV information.

Small businesses transitioning to larger ones through hiring more staff may find this Tool for managing employee benefits useful in streamlining their workload and freeing up additional time to focus on growing the business.

2 – Small Business Trends

This website has won multiple awards since its inception back in 2003. It has tools, guidelines, and templates to help you get your business on track, and is one of the best resources for staying on top of marketing and SEO best practices.

3 – BuzzSumo

If you’re spending some serious time on upping your social media footprint, BuzzSumo will become one of your best friends. The website tracks – in real time – trending topics in news, marketing, SEO, health, politics, science, and anything else you can come up with.

The value here isn’t just in being able to share timely topics with your audiences across social media platforms. BuzzSumo also provides an opportunity to stay up-to-date on marketing and SEO best practices, just like the best SEO in Los Angeles manages to do, two things any small business owners can’t ignore.

4 – Entrepreneur Magazine

Entrepreneur Magazine is a must-read for everyone from small business owners to Wall Street CEOs. A lot of the content is generated by business owners and executives, specifically for the business-minded man. Their daily blogs will help point you in the right direction – especially when you’re looking to scale your business.

5 – SCORE.org

SCORE.org is a non-profit, which lends it more credibility right off the bat. The goal of the organization is to provide online counseling to small business owners, and they boast a wealth of resources (such as a big library and online workshops) to help anyone.

The counseling small business owners receive comes from experienced business owners and managers, so the people helping you have been exactly where you currently are. SCORE also offers a newsletter option, where you can subscribe according to specific preferences and get content tailored to your exact needs – not simply a generic weekly newsletter.

While being a small business owner may seem to be increasingly difficult, there are more resources and opportunities than ever before to help you succeed. Beyond these listed, there are others, such as GotchSEO.com for marketing optimization, which shows the importance of understanding how much information is out there. Reach out to successful owners you know, the above resources, and keep working hard – you’ll achieve your dream of being your own boss sooner than you might think.

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