5 Steps to Network Marketing Success at Nature’s Sunshine

People join Nature’s Sunshine for a number of reasons, but they often stay because we offer a tremendous financial opportunity. We’ve helped thousands of individuals develop a thriving Nature’s Sunshine business capable of supplementing their income or even replacing their full-time work.

We want more people realize their potential as Nature’s Sunshine distributors, so we’ve put together a list of key steps to follow for growth. If you’re interested in more information on these steps, look up this article at entrepreneur.com, MLM Master Tips from Rod Nichols:

Be Coachable

Your group leader would love to share their knowledge with you to help you grow. Are you willing to listen? Accept the advice and instruction that they give. They’ll help you avoid common pitfalls, frustrations and other disappointments that could derail your business before you really get started.

Develop Dreams, Goals and Objectives

What are you working for? Most people don’t have a solid grasp of why they go to work. As a network marketer, you need to develop the big picture in your mind’s eye and set clear defined steps that will help you reach your dreams. Every time you face a challenge or get discouraged, remember that goal and let it inspire you to keep trying and not give up.

Be Consistently Persistent

A lot of people hold to the common misconception that network marketing is a get-rich-quick business. A successful network takes time to build, and unfortunately, many budding network marketers give up after a few short months because they haven’t made thousands of dollars yet. As a network marketer, realize that you need to be invested for the long haul and give your business time to mature and grow.


Some people consider it a four-letter word, and those people will never succeed as a network marketer. Your success as a network marketer really boils down to how much work you put into your business. When you’re just starting out, most of your effort should go toward expanding your network: making contacts, signing up new members and following up with people you meet.

Make a Million Friends

As a network marketer, your focus should be on your people, not on your bonus check. Rather than set a goal to make a million dollars, set a goal to recruit a million people to your group. With network marketing, you help yourself by helping others. Forget about what you want or need and focus on helping the new people that you bring into your group. Once your group is in place, the income will follow.

Follow these general steps to get started with your Nature’s Sunshine business, but don’t stop there. Talk with your upline—and even your new members— for thoughts and ideas on how to grow and share sunshine with even more people everywhere you go.

Your business is just that — YOURS. So find what works for you and stick with it to reach all of your goals.

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