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In my previous article I mentioned including an outline in your business plan on ways you can promote your business online through social media. Of course, you need to make sure that you have successfully put your business online first before you do this. You need to make sure that your website runs smoothly. It needs to look good, it needs to provide quality content and your users need to be able to use it properly, in order for this to happen you need to make sure that you are using a good server for your website. If you need to find a new servers, then why not check out these dedicated servers here? However, it might be worth looking for a private hosting service. Using a VPS for your business website will offer a number of benefits, such as greater control and better performance. Perhaps some businesses might want to research VPS hosting before committing to a website hosting service. If you decide to use a VPS, it might be worth looking at some of the options at IO Zoom to make sure you find a plan that works for your business.

Once your business website is up and running perfectly, it is now time to look at promoting your business through social media.

In speaking with other distributors I have found that not many feel comfortable using the Internet or feel they do not have the technical knowledge to use these tools so they would be better off going to advertising agencies Colorado springs for help.

Recent studies1 show that “59% of seniors” use the Internet. By learning to use these online tools you could be opening up your business to even more new customers! For example, many businesses find that using tools from sites like Google could be a good way of boosting their business. However, Google isn’t the only online tool available to business owners. There are a lot of alternatives to Google products such as web browsers, blogging sites, cloud storage sites, etc.

In using social media and NSP Internet tools you can not only increase awareness of your business, you can also add an extra touch of customer service for your clients. You can do this by providing additional education on the products, recipes you have found helpful using NSP products, tips on using the products and more that can be available to them online 24/7 through your Facebook page, NSP website or your YouTube channel. Below are just five social media tools and tips on how you can use them for your business to help your customers.

Facebook – Did you know there are approximately 864 million2 users on Facebook? If you were to do a quick poll of your customers you might be surprised how many use Facebook to keep up with family and friends. If you already have a personal Facebook page it’s easy to create a business page (for free) to let your customers know the products you have to offer, health tips, shake recipes and more. Invite your customers to like your Facebook business page. When they do, it shows up on their personal page where their family and friends will also see it – it’s like free advertising!

Twitter – This social site is also growing in popularity, especially with senior citizens. Recent research shows a growth of 79% since 2012 of users aged 55-643. Anyone can join the conversation on Twitter which makes it a perfect outlet to promote your business to new markets and potential new customers!

YouTube – This site is an excellent tool to offer a health class 24/7 without leaving your home! If you already host a class that is popular with your customers, you can easily create a video through your computer and then and upload it to YouTube. From YouTube you can then promote it on Facebook, Twitter, via email, etc. Get more of your “students” to class at any time, on any day.

Nature’s Sunshine email campaigns – Take advantage of this wonderful (and free!) tool. You just enter your customer’s email and hit send! You can find detailed webinars and training on how to use this tool on your mynsp back office.

Nature’s Sunshine distributor website – Another great tool that can help you promote your business as an established NSP distributor. Include the link to your website on all your promotional fliers, emails, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Remember you can also share any of the pages from the Nature’s Sunshine website by adding ?sponsor= to the end of the link and then copy and paste. For more information on how to set up your own NSP website click here.

You may find all of this overwhelming. Just remember to take it one step at a time. You may want to try one of these tools each month or even hire someone (an assistant or social media consultant) to help you set them up or manage them for you. Feel free to contact me through my NSP website if you have any questions or would like to see more on a specific topic.

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