50+ Social Media Tools to Help Build Your NSP Business

To have success on social media, you either need to be relevant or entertaining – or both.

Those aspects – sharing quality content, providing relevant information and tips, and having interaction with fans — will determine whether or not social media will work for you. It will bring in customers to your website where they can be converted into sales. Having SEO services like niche edits created for your website can help you move up in the SERP, bringing way more visibility to your page and hopefully upping your web traffic to a desirable level, helping bring in those customers and getting your business to succeed.

It is very important that you don’t forget how important SEO can be for your success, as the more people who are aware of your business, the better you will do. In fact, even looking at how link building features, with places like ClickSlice, (https://www.clickslice.co.uk/link-building-service/) can further enhance the web traffic you begin to see for your business website can be essential in the long run. So, whilst this should be the foundation for your social efforts, there are also a ton of social tools that will save you time and help you get the most out of social media. Below is a very big list of tools and resources to use. Some are free, some are not. You won’t need to use them all, but try a few to see what works for you. Remember, your business isn’t just about social media, it needs to run smoothly at its very core to make sure that all other areas are taken care of too. Installing some of the best self storage cmms software can help achieve secure management on all levels, keeping things in line.

Social Media Guides

Blogs and Resources to Follow


Tools that promote blog posts and articles across the Web.

  • HootSuite and TweetDeck — Update multiple social accounts in one click. You can use it to schedule updates, track results and collaborate.
  • Onlywire — With the click of one button you can submit your content to 26 social media sites. Includes analytics. Pro plan starts at $10 a month for 1,000 submissions.
  • Bit.ly — Share your blog content across social networks with this free web-based app. Bit.ly shortens, shares and tracks your links. Chrome extension available.
  • Dlvr.it — Automatically feed your blog content (or any RSS feed you create/curate) to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks. Includes analytics.
  • BufferApp — Use to schedule posts at the time that is convenient for you or your audience.
  • Dizzle — Use this to get more likes, tweets and other social shares

Monitoring Tools

These tools help you monitor what’s being said online about your brand, company or social profiles.

Forming Ideas for Sharing Content

  • Twitter Search— Perfect for identifying trending topics, popular ideas and developing concepts.
  • Curate.me offers daily newsletters with relevant articles. Good source to use for finding interesting articles to post on your social profiles.
  • Evernote — Use this free app to jot down notes, capture ideas online and access this information from anywhere. Evernote works with nearly every computer, phone and mobile device.
  • Freemind and Mindmeister — Mindmapping is a brainstorming tool designed to help you chase multiple angles to any given idea. You basically build a web of interconnected ideas.
  • Google Insights for Search — Uncover and compare search volume patterns across specific regions, categories, time frames and other Google properties.

Content Research

  • Skype — Free voice and video calls, instant messaging, unlimited file sharing and much more. Free software application you download to your computer.
  • Ecamm Call Recorder — Allows you to turn your voice and video calls on Skype into QuickTime movies. This Skype add-on is completely free, but it’s for Mac users only.
  • Flickr/Creative Commons — Search through the work of users who’ve chosen to share their photographs, images and illustrations under different types of licenses. Free.
  • iStockphoto — Another source for royalty-free images and illustrations. You buy stock with credits, which cost $0.95 each.
  • Curate.Us — Create visually compelling clips and quotes of web content that are easily embedded in blog posts, email, forums and websites. Includes built-in attribution, backlinks and tracking. Free.


These tools will help you know how what your visitors are doing, and what types of social activities are turning a profit. The pros are data driven. These tools will help you be like the pros.

  • Google Analytics, Google Website Optimizer, Google Webmaster Tools – Google’s tools helps you see trends, increase conversion, and eliminate guesswork.
  • Yahoo! Web Analytics – Similar robust tools comparable to Google Analytics.
  • Mint — Self-hosted website analytics. Simple interface with robust metrics on visits, referrers, popular pages and searches.
  • Feedburner — Online tool that manages your blog feeds and analyzes results.
  • Raven Internet Marketing Tools (which is also the resource I used to gather much of these tools) — Raven combines Twitter, Facebook and other social media analytics with Google Analytics in one platform. You can see which content, distributed where, is driving the most people and engagement to your site.
  • PostRank Analytics — Engagement and conversations are happening offline. With PostRank you can track, measure and analyze these conversations.

Social Media Advertising Tools

Advertising on social media on your own will waste a lot of time. But with hundreds of millions of people spending many hours on these sites, putting some money here will likely pay off. Some will even buy a Wikipedia page and connect their social media to it to gain further visibility. Here are a few tools that can make it easier for you to manage social advertisements:

  • Alchemy — One of the first social advertising platforms. With a license you get a 14-day trial. After that, you pay 2-5% of your media spend.
  • AdParlor — Pricing models include install, cost per acquisition, and cost per Fan
  • Clickable — Manages massive Facebook advertising campaigns.
  • LinkedIn DirectAds — DirectAds allows you to target over 90 million professionals, including all C-levels at the Fortune 500. Ads are your typical short text with image and you can get started for $10.
  • YouTube Video Targeting Tool — As the second most used search engine, and online video advertising revenue expected to hit 5.7 billion by 2014, YouTube presents a huge opportunity. Create ads to appear beside or in videos.
  • StumbleUpon Paid Discovery — With millions of “stumbles” a day, StumbleUpon offers Paid Discovery for brands to have their content integrated into the stream of sites that users stumble to, based on their interests. Advertisers can target by interest, location and demographics. From $.05 to $.25 per visitor.
  • Twitter Promoted — There are several Twitter advertising platforms now: promoted tweets – tweets labeled as promoted and broadcast to a larger audience, promoted trends, which appear at the top of the Trending Topics list on Twitter, and promoted accounts, in which Twitter suggests accounts that users don’t currently follow.
  • Reddit Ads — Reddit allows brands to buy space in the sponsored links section of the social news website.

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