8 Tips for Your First IN.FORM Group Meeting

Starting new things can bring mixed feelings. Remember your first day of school, moving to a new town, or your first date? The tension between excitement and uncertainty can make you feel overwhelmed. I remember my first day as a coach! Stepping in front of my first group gave me butterflies. I had a similar feeling the first time I attended an IN.FORM group.

In order to help others, both coaches and first-time IN.FORMers, I’ve created a list that includes tips that I have come up with as a coach to enable people to make the most of their very first day.

  1. Invite friends and family
  2. Be rested
  3. Fast 2-3 hours before Bio-Tracker readings
  4. Read module one
  5. Be sociable
  6. Bring study materials
  7. Dress comfortable and casual
  8. Keep calm – take AnxiousLess

1. Bring Friends!

Tradition, habit and our health goals are directly tied to the people who are closest to us! One thing that you will learn and what will become more real if you are a coach is that IN.FORM is truly a lifestyle program, rooted in community. What happens at home is just as important, if not more important, than what happens when you and your group meet together.

By bringing your friends and family to your first night, you will show them that your weight management and health goals are important! They see what you are trying to accomplish and end up being your ally.

As you will learn, the people around us (our social networks) have a huge impact on our eating habits. Instead of them offering chocolates they just might start offering blueberries!

Communicating with your coach beforehand and letting them know you are bringing guests would probably be appreciated!

2. Be Rested

Sleep is so important and allows us to be the best version of our selves. Also, it helps the body react to stress! We are friendlier, happier, and smarter when we’re well rested.

3. Don’t Eat 2-3 Hours Before Your First Meeting

One of the instruments that we use in an IN.FORM group is the Biotracker. It is recommended that we do not eat 2-3 hours before using it so that we can get the most accurate reading possible. Don’t worry though, many coaches provide food or shakes at the meeting. If you wish, contact your coach before the meeting to see if food is available. If no food is provided bring a healthy snack with you!

4. Read/Print Module One

For some this might be hard, perhaps you don’t have your manual before the first day. Ask your coach to either print out or email the slides. This will allow you to come prepared. It is a really good idea to print the PDF in hand–out mode so that you can take your notes along with a printout of the slide. It is fairly easy to do! Some coaches have modified the information in various modules to better reflect the local eating habits, culture, and economic realities of their groups so while to a large extent the modules are identical throughout the IN.FORM universe for the most part we all teach the same thing. So, don’t worry if the PDF here doesn’t match exactly what you download here – it’s still among the best IN.FORMation you can get whether it’s the way your coach has modified the content or it’s the stock information from this source! Some groups even have graphic recording at their meetings so you can follow along with their presentations. They may even provide it as part of the PDF for the next meeting, so don’t worry.

5. Be Friendly!

The most important aspect to IN.FORM is that it is a community. We are here together for the same reasons! IN.FORM groups are a great way to make new friends that understand you and your goals! Here are a few things that you can do as you attend your first meeting.

  • Don’t wait to say, “Hi!”
  • Have a smile on your face and be excited about the new journey that you are about to take.
  • Try to get to know everyone, including your coach.
  • Invite them to do an IN.FORM friendly activity with you outside of group. We have found that IN.FORM’ers that do this have greater success. Some of these activities could include:
    • Go on a jog, walk or hike
    • Brisk gardening
    • Play a sport together
    • Share and cook a healthy meal together and bring it to group
    • Ride bikes together
    • Go to the Farmers Market and get fresh vegetables….have an IN.FORM day!
    • Take the initiative to break the ice by asking them how they heard about IN.FORM!

6. Bring Study Materials

No we do not grade you at IN.FORM but we want you to learn things that will benefit you for the rest of your life! So, bring pens, pencils, or highlighters. I have even seen some people bring post it notes and annotate their books! As a coach I have noticed that these students actually make some great improvements in overall health.

7. Dress Comfortable and Casual

Depending on how your coach chooses your IN.FORM experience, she may take physical measurements. In addition, wearing shoes that can easily slip off makes for faster Biotracker scans. Try to make sure the clothing that you are wearing will allow you to sit comfortably in some cases you may be sitting for more than 30 minutes. Also, ask your coach what would be appropriate to wear some coaches might have a background in aerobics, Zumba, or even Tai Chi and they might incorporate activities that require some movement.

8. Be Calm – Take AnxiousLess

If you have anxiety in social situations or talking with a group take AnxiousLess! I like taking it about 30 min before an event – IT WORKS WONDERS!

As a side note, The Inspire blend is made with essential oils that make you want to get up and go! This blend is particularly compatible with IN.FORM. It will make you feel more energized, which in many cases increases prosocial behavior. In addition, this blend if defused before you come to group will make you feel more motivated to do the rest of the things listed in these tips!


About the Author: Grant Weiss is a certified IN.FORM coach. Grant’s website is www.sunshineandherbs.com. You can also find Grant on Facebook and YouTube.



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