8 Ways Exercise Helps Your Heart [Infographic]

People often ask “why should you regularly exercise?” Well, whether you hit the gym, sweat to the oldies, shake your groove thing or make it burn, moving your body around on purpose helps your heart be healthy. See the graphic we recently made outlining 8 reasons your heart will thank you for working out:

8 Ways Exercise Helps Your Heart

Exercise benefits on the heart include:

  • Helps your heart pump more blood with less strain
  • Puts you at the lowest risk for heart disease
  • Improves cholesterol and fat levels
  • Reduces arterial inflammation
  • Helps with weight loss
  • Improves blood pressure
  • Reduces your resting heart rate
  • Lowers risk of stroke
  • Not to mention mental health and relationship-boosting benefits, too!
In one study, jogging 2 miles a day controlled high blood pressure so well that more than half of the patients who had been taking BP drugs were able to stop using their medication. But it’s not just jogging that can help. Simple things like walking 12 miles a week can lower LDL (bad) cholesterol beneficially. Yoga and Tia Chi can lower blood pressure almost as well as moderate-intensity aerobic exercise. Weight training also offers heart-health benefits.

The main thing is, according to the American Heart Association, no matter your current weight or fitness level, strive for 30 minutes of moderately intense exercise six days a week. This can really help high blood pressure, ensuring that it doesn’t begin to cause future heart problems. If there is any history of high blood pressure in your family, it might be worth getting a comprehensive physical exam scheduled in to check if you also have high blood pressure. It’s always better to know if you have this as you can make lifestyle changes now. This can put your mind at rest if you do have a history of this in the family. If your results come back as negative, it’s still important to continue exercising to keep yourself healthy and active.
Source: New York Times.

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