A History of Botanical Herbs for Medicinal Use [Infographic]

Botanical Herbs have a history that stretches back for thousands of years. This infographic gives a history of their medicinal use.


 If you don’t have time to go through the entire graphic, here are some of the highlights:
2800 BC The first written record of herbal medicine use.
400 BC Hippocrates stressed the ideas that diet, exercise and overall happiness formed the foundation of wellness.
200 AD The herbal practitioner, Galen, classifies common illnesses and their herbal remedies.
800 AD Monks grow herbs at their monasteries to be used for the sick and injured.
1100 AD Physician Avicenna wrote the Canon of Medicine, which gave mention to herbal medicines.
1700 AD Charles Wesley advocates sensible eating, good hygiene and herbal treatments for healthy living.
1800 AD Pharmaceuticals arrive and herbal treatments take a back seat.
1900 AD Lack of availability of drugs because of war increases the use of herbal medicines.
2000 AD The World Health Organization estimates that 65 – 80% of the world’s population rely on alternative medicine as their primary form of health care.