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Chad McDonald prefers Nature’s Sunshine’s Products

Hey followers, this month I will be talking about another awesome product that is offered by Nature’s Sunshine and how I feel it fits in with the training regimen for any athlete.

L-Glutamine is an amino acid that our bodies make naturally. Glutamine or L-Glutamine, often interchangeable, are essential to recovery and wellness for an athlete. Our bodies naturally make this amino acid, but not enough of it when at a high activity level. Athletes need to make sure they are including some extra glutamine in their daily routine to ensure that they are recovering fully. Glutamine will also help in aiding muscle pain after a long workout, as well as help to build muscle mass and strength.

For every athlete to be at peak performance, health is #1

Another function of Glutamine that is HUGE for athletes is helping strengthen the immune system. Many athletes are more prone to illness due to high stress on the body from their sport. Pair the strenuous activity with germs floating around, possibly the lack of sleep, athletes that are lacking in glutamine may find themselves battling illness. And for every athlete to be at peak performance, health is #1!

L-Glutamine is a supplement that can be found anywhere. All supplement companies carry some sort of branded L-Glutamine, so why Nature’s Sunshine vs other brands? Like all NSP, they are the best of the best as they are “sourced, manufactured and tested against the most rigorous quality standards” (Nature’s Sunshine).

Take control of your recovery

If you are an athlete that struggles with illness, finds your muscles extremely sore after workout or a game, or are even are looking to gain some strength and muscle mass, then L-Glutamine is for you! If you’re not fully recovering after your training or sport, then are you able to play at peak performance? NO! Take control of your recovery.

As a reminder, (which I am probably annoying you with by now) I am sure that you have noticed the two dollar amounts that L-Glutamine costs: Retail and Member pricing. Remember that if you purchase $40 (Member cost) or more worth of product from Nature’s Sunshine, you will automatically be eligible to sign up for a free one-year membership! Membership to Nature’s Sunshine comes with 33% off Retail cost, as well as rebates of up to 20% on your own purchases!

I HIGHLY recommend becoming an NSP member as their products are the best of the best and are 100% safe. If you are an athlete and looking for nutritional help, please contact Chad to discuss your needs!

Product Category Cost** Frequency
L-Glutamine Necessity* Retail: $23.95
Member: $15.95
1 serving per day (right before bed for best results)

*Any product considered “Necessity” is one that Chad feels every athlete needs to include in their daily routine.

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