Being the Best – the Olympic Games and NSP

Every four years, the world gathers for the greatest spectacle in sports, the Olympic Games. Athletes who have trained for many thousands of hours and have sacrificed a great deal pit their skills against peers from around the world to find out who is indeed THE BEST. Winners are rewarded with coveted medals.

Watching this dramatic competition on TV always inspires me. To see these competitors, some of whom are just teenagers, dig down deep to find the energy and drive to win is most impressive, especially considering that a worldwide audience of over a billion people is watching!

The Olympic motto is citius, altius, fortius, or faster, higher, stronger. Watching world-class swimmers, gymnasts and runners perform incredible feats each day attests to their fulfillment of this creed. They are exceeding their own limits, breaking records and blazing trails into history.

Nature’s Sunshine Products has its own motto: Quality, Service, Integrity. These three words describe our commitment to our customers across the globe.

Our brand of supplements is the finest in the world because we make it so. We have forged relationships with trusted vendors, we audit their facilities, and we invest in the equipment and personnel here at home to ensure purity, potency and safety in all of our raw materials and finished products. Then we compare our wares with others, documenting that we truly are THE BEST.

NSP service is legendary. Our Customer Support reps do their all to provide you with information, address your questions and concerns, and assist you with orders, registrations, etc. And our managers offer clients and customers their knowledge, expertise, hope and friendship as they guide people on a path to wellness.

As a company, we take pride in our integrity. We aim to treat everyone fairly and with respect, whether they’re a distributor, vendor, business associate, employee, etc. We value our excellent reputation that has been 40 years in the making, and we work to protect it and build upon it as we move forward in the 21st century.

Just as Olympic athletes are driven to succeed as they focus on achieving their goals, we strive to remain the best supplement company in the world, offering premium-quality products, rewarding financial opportunities and programs, and priceless relationships. Like these competitors, we too aim to beat our personal best.

Let’s continue to go for the gold every day as we all share Sunshine!

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