Clary Sage Essential Oil & Sage Leaf Uses

Clary Sage is used to make Clary Sage Essential OilUsed as a meat preservative for hundreds of years, garden sage is now used as a cooking ingredient. Clary Sage is grown in dry climates and is used to create clary sage essential oil.

Benefits of Sage Leaf (salvia officinalis)

While sage won’t give you immortality like the Greek’s believed, it does have some benefits. This herb helps support the immune system and create a microbial balance. It is also a source of antioxidants.

Growing Sage

Sage is a relatively hearty plant – one that will survive winter in many areas.

Cooking with Sage

Sage is a great add-in to a tomato-based sauce or with olive oil to dip bread. It is also commonly used in stuffings at Thanksgiving time. Sage is a source of Vitamin K – which may be helpful for bone health. Sage has also been used for centuries to create a tea. Unlike many osage_leavesther herbs, if you dry out sage the flavor will actually increase.

Sage Species

Pineapple Sage

Red-Rooted Sage

Clary Sage

Garden Sage

Clary Sage Benefits

Found growing naturally in the dry areas from Central Asia to Europe, Clary Sage has aromatic leaves that are used in the creation of Clary Sage essential oil. This essential oil may be used to ease stress and tension or to balance and lift a mood.

How to Use Clary Sage Essential Oil

Diffuse clary essential oil with citrus oils (orange, lemon, red mandarin) or with sandalwood, frankincense or myrrh.



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