Day 1 in India: Auditing Psyllium Suppliers

Note: Lynda Hammons is performing an audit on our suppliers in India through April. Lynda is taking pictures and writing updates from India, and we’ll be sharing some of her experiences on the blog and on social media. Below is part 1, in her words, where she is auditing suppliers of Psyllium.  

The first audit for NSP conducted in India is our psyllium raw material supplier. India dominates the world market in the production and export of psyllium.


Psyllium supplier in India evaluating psyllium to be auctioned


By Lynda Hammons, Vice President of Quality Assurance and regulatory Affairs

This was a very interesting audit that included a visit to the local agricultural market where the “raw” psyllium seeds are daily auctioned to the local suppliers. These local suppliers then further process the psyllium by sorting the seeds into different grades, cleaning the seeds and removing the husk seed. NSP’s supplier and his family have been in the business since 1937. They have extensive experience in the processing of highest quality psyllium. Their facility has cleaning and processing equipment unique to their company.

How to Determine Quality Psyllium

The quality of the psyllium is critical to its beneficial properties. If harvested too early, there are more red seeds and it will not be as mucilaginous. Seeds can also be damaged by too much rain, and can also be damaged if not cleaned properly.

Supplier showing differences in 2 psyllium lots being sold. Left sample shows good color and very little stems. Sample on the right is poor quality with extraneous matter and seeds.


What is Psyllium Used For

Psyllium hulls are used for their high fiber content: 70 percent soluble and 30 percent insoluble fiber. Both types of fiber offer important health benefits. Soluble fiber transforms into a gel in the stomach and slows the digestion process. Scientific evidence proves its cholesterol lowering effect. Insoluble fiber is eliminated almost intact by the human body and has an important role in helping food move more rapidly through the digestive tract.

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