12 Easy-to-Use Health and Nutrition Apps Even Your Kids Would Endorse

There’s an app for almost everything these days-even to help us get healthy! While boring calorie counters can be efficient, they take the fun out of staying kids_appshealthy and fit.

To put the fun back into health, for you and your family, we’ve found the best, easy-to-use health and nutrition apps out there. While most of these apps are available on Android or Apple iOS, there might be some which are not found on apps such as these. It is at that exact time, that third-party aggregates like cydia ipa come into the picture. These applications, which function after iOS is jailbroken, can open up for us repositories of premium apps and games which can put the fun in fitness for users.
Along with fitness watches from sites like Mobile Mob you can try these apps out and watch health become your kids’ new favorite hobby!

12 Easy-to-Use Health and Nutrition Apps Even Your Kids Would Endorse

1. Spring

Sometimes it’s hard to get moving, but Spring makes it easy by providing you with energizing music while you exercise.

Spring studies the science behind Rhythm Based Music and curates playlists based on songs proven to get you moving. Find new songs every day and create your own playlist of favorites or use one of Spring’s many pre-designed playlists to get your body moving.

Apple iOS

2. Zombies, Run!

Join the 1 million players who have fallen in love with Zombies, Run! and get into shape while saving yourself from a dismal ending during a zombie apocalypse.

This ingenious app uses stories and missions designed to make you feel like you’re in the thick of a zombie attack to get your moving. When the danger is eminent, the app tells you to work harder. Once you’ve found safety, you can relax and accomplish survival camp-building missions. Zombies, Run! is sure to get the whole family moving with its award-winning stories.

Apple iOS Android

3. LaLa Lunchbox

easy-to-use health and nutrition appsLaLa Lunchbox wants to take packing lunch from your least favorite chore to your kid’s favorite game.

This colorful app lets kids choose foods for their lunch using the adorable monsters and customizable food library in the app. Health-conscious monsters will help your children build nutritious and delicious meals and then hand you a simple grocery list. Packing school lunches has never been so fun and easy!

Apple iOS

4. Sleep Bug

One of the best things you can do for your and your family’s health is get a good night’s sleep. Whether the city’s noise is keeping you up or the neighbor’s dog is barking, Sleep Bug can help.

This ambient noise app comes with a number of soothing tracks like Ocean or Fire to help you sleep soundly no matter what noise pollution is happening around you. The Pro version has a White Noise track and even a Scary track with boos and screams that the kids will love to play with when it isn’t bedtime.

Apple iOS Android

5. Waterlogged

Make hydration fun with the Waterlogged app! This easy-to-use app lets you track your water intake in less than 60 seconds a day and helps you reach your hydration goals.

Studies have shown that one-quarter of children in the U.S. do not drink any water on a daily basis, and more than half of American children are dehydrated. And the numbers aren’t much better for adults. Get your family healthier with this fun and easy app that lets you log your water intake based on pictures of your favorite drinking containers.

Apple iOS

6. Eat & Move-O-Matic

easy-to-use health and nutrition appsTurn the science of calorie conversion into you child’s favorite game using the Eat & Move-O-Matic app.

Developed by the National 4-H Council this app helps kids learn about how the foods they eat help fuel their favorite activities. Your kids will learn to understand nutrition by figuring out how much energy an orange will give them compared to a cookie before their next baseball game. And you can learn how long a bike ride has to be to burn off that piece of chocolate cake!

Apple iOS

7. Lumosity

Staying healthy isn’t just about the body, it’s also about the brain. Continual learning helps keep the mind sharp and memory strong.

Brain training apps like Lumosity make learning fun by putting tough critical thinking problems into colorful game formats. You and your kids will get hooked on the challenging games and healthy competition. Continue to train your brain with a language app like Duolingo that makes learning another language fun and easy!

Apple iOS Android

8. Iron Kids

It will be easy to get the whole family into strength training with this app designed for kids, but fun for everyone.

The American Academy of Pediatrics designed Iron Kids to help children “safely build strength, balance, and fitness; prepare to excel in sports; and keep playing by preventing injury.” This app has easy-to-follow videos that demonstrate simple workouts, provides tips for training safely, and offers customizable workouts so everyone gets a chance to participate.

Apple iOS

9. Stress Check

easy-to-use health and nutrition appsDo you wonder what things in life stress you out the most? Never wonder again with the Stress Check app!

Stress Check uses your smartphone’s camera to measure your heart rate and heart rate variability. This data is used to create a colorful graph that measures your stress. Not only is this app fun to play with, it can also help athletes track recovery to increase performance. Lowering your stress levels is one of the best ways to live a longer, happier life; and Stress Check can help you identify stressors so you can reduce them.

Apple iOS Android

10. Smash Your Food

What’s more fun than smashing food? Very little. And now there is an app that lets you and your kids smash food while learning about nutrition.

This app shows real video of food getting smashed paired with fun sound effects. After the food has been obliterated, kids can learn about the sugar, salt and oil content in each of the commonly eaten foods. Everyone will have fun learning about their favorite foods while watching them get smashed in HD!

Apple iOS

11. iBitz by GeoPalz

This health tracking app was designed to go with the GeoPalz kids pedometer, but has been expanded to work with any smartphone’s visual pedometer for those that don’t have GeoPalz.

Kids can follow a cute alien through outer space as they track their own steps and earn points along the way. Children are rewarded for running, jumping and playing all day with trips to far-away planets in the virtual universe. Go on this galactic journey with your kids or get the iBitz Unity app to track your own steps in an adult version of the app.

Apple iOS

12. Super Stretch Yoga

easy-to-use health and nutrition appsTeach your children about the benefits of yoga with the Super Stretch app, which makes it easy to learn and practice basic yoga poses.

Super Stretch aims to “bring health, mindfulness and play to children through yoga fitness.” Using 12 core stretches identified by colorful drawings, children can practice up to 60 different combinations while learning the tenets of NAMASTE. Practice with them or pull out your own app like Pocket Yoga to for more advanced sequences.

Apple iOS


Getting healthy doesn’t have to be hard, and there are a ton of apps out there that are designed to help you reach your goals. Use these apps to promote your family’s wellness or educate them about the different aspects of being healthy and watch the whole family learn and grow while having fun at the same time.

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