7 Energizing Spring-Cleaning Tips

energizing-spring-cleaning-tipsSpring is now in full swing and it’s time to shed that winter skin. As clothes become lighter, colors become brighter, and days become longer, you effortlessly feel more energized in the springtime.

When spring fades, it’s easy to get sucked in to warm summer lethargy, but there are a few energizing actions you can take now to maintain your spirit year-round. As you emerge from hibernation this spring, utilize that energy to clean out your life.

Shed the unnecessary, organize the permanent, and invite things that will add value to your life.

Here are a few spring cleaning tips that will not only help you get organized, but reduce stress and give you a boost of energy going into summer.

7 Energizing Spring-Cleaning Tips

1. Clear Out Miscellaneous Spaces

We all have that junk drawer, that spare room, that cluttered garage that we’ve been meaning to clean for weeks, months, or even years. Having that task in the back of your mind can create unnecessary anxiety when you’re home. It’s important to our peace of mind that we find a proper place for this clutter, whether that means in the bin or finding a proper place to store them is up to you. Garages are actually quite a handy space, however, it doesn’t mean we should clutter them. They can be used for so many different purposes, such as vehicle storage or home offices. When we clear our garage out, maybe we’ll do something more exciting with the space. However, we’d need to ensure the door was fully-functioning and secure first by getting in touch with a company that offers garage door opener repair service in Maryland. They should be able to check our door is opening properly. It’s vital that the door functions properly otherwise people could gain access into your home. Garage doors do need to be maintained. We just need to clean ours out first! I know a couple who cleaned out their spare room, got rid of all the clutter, and completely redecorated the place with nursery wall decals. The spare room wasn’t being used at the time however they were expecting a baby so having a clear-out really did make a difference for them. When rooms aren’t being used except for storing clutter, it’s such a waste of space!

To keep negative energy out of your home and introduce some positive, take this time to tackle those cluttered spaces. If you haven’t opened a box in over a year and you know it isn’t valuable keepsakes, toss it out without even looking inside. You can’t miss something you never saw.

If you have large items to get rid of, plan for disposal ahead of time. Call the Salvation Army or Goodwill, who often have pick up days and will carry large unwanted items away from your house for free. This will help you follow through with clearing those cluttered spaces. If you have items, large or small, that you need but have nowhere to store, you could look into having a steel barn or shed erected, so you have a space to store things away from your living space. If you wanted to have a super productive spring break, why not build one yourself? This will save the cost of hiring someone else to build it for you and you might even find it enjoyable! It’ll be even more rewarding if you can make use of the space once the shed is complete. You can get all the tools you need from Tradefix Direct or somewhere similar and then start building!

2. Go Green This Spring

The benefits of adding plants in and around your home are numerous. Having flowers in the home greatly improves people’s mood and reduces the likelihood of stress-related depression. And being around plants can help improve concentration and memory.

The natural lushness of spring gives people an inherent rush of energy, but the heat of summer can cause plants to dry up and grass to turn gold. To keep that natural boost of energy year-round, introduce plants into your home. There are a number of house-friendly plants that are low-maintenance and are sure to brighten your day, such as jade and bamboo.

If you’re also able to plant outside your home, you should take advantage of this natural energizer.

Studies have shown that gardening reduces stress and increases self-esteem. Even if you don’t have the space to garden in your own backyard, volunteer to help a friend with theirs or join a community garden. You’ll be able to create something beautiful and build friendships while you’re at it!

energizing-spring-cleaning-tips3. Cut Out Toxic Relationships

Just as some of our habits can be energy suckers, so can relationships. If you are really looking to cleanse your life and look toward a better future, it’s time to get rid of these energy vampires.

Friends who don’t encourage you or colleagues who always bring you down are examples of negative relationships that could use a trimming this spring. It’s not always easy to end relationships, but sometimes it’s necessary to continue positive growth in your life.

On the bright side, when you let go of unhealthy, unhappy relationships, it opens the door for new ones. Use this time to fill your life with energizing, encouraging people. You’ll feel happier and be less likely to fall back into old habits.

4. Get Rid of Processed Foods

If you’re looking to shrink your waistline this spring, cutting out processed foods should be your first step. Anything that comes premade and packaged contains preservatives, sodium, and unnatural sugar, all of which quickly add pounds to your body.

When you cut out processed sugar and replace it with natural sugars and protein, you’ll be amazed at how much extra energy you have. Natural sugars give your body energy without the crash and protein feeds your metabolism all day, waking you up and keeping you going while burning through calories.

Another thing to get out of your kitchen: those large plates and bowls. Reducing portion sizes is a great way to lose weight and simply reducing the size of your eating utensils can help you manage portion control.

Just feeling better about your body is another easy way to energize your life.

5. Dust Off Your Talents

How long has it been since you did something you loved, just for the fun of it? In the busy throws of adulthood it can be difficult to remember to indulge in hobbies and passions, but it’s important to practice doing things that bring us joy.

This spring, take some time to do something you’re good at, whether that’s painting, swimming, or DIY projects. The gratification of doing something you’re good at will boost your spirits and help you be more energized during other activities.

6. Eliminate Unnecessary Expenses

Spring is a great time to de-clutter your budget. By now we have recovered from holiday spending and are starting to save for summer trips. Managing your budget more successfully can relieve stress and energize your spirits with daydreams of that summer cruise.

To spring clean your budget, start by getting rid of unnecessary expenses, such as coffee, salon trips and eating out. To help you cut these bad spending habits, set a goal that will motivate you to save. Plan a vacation or decide on a big-ticket item you’ve been wanting and keep a picture in your wallet to remind you why you’re saving.

Feeling more comfortable about your finances can reduce stress and help you feel more energized each day. Just think about how good it feels to find a $20 bill in an old jacket pocket. When you cut out unnecessary spending, you could feel that good every day!

7. Stop Indulging in Pseudo-Energy

energizing-spring-cleaning-tipsEnergy aids like coffee, energy drinks and processed sugar cause more harm than good in the long run. They often lead to crashes throughout the day, can be addictive, and hurt your body’s natural ability to maintain energy all day.

Cut out pseudo energy crutches and replace them with natural alternatives. Green tea, protein, and plenty of water throughout the day are better ways to give your body a boost without causing a crash later.

If you need an extra pick-me-up, reach for natural supplements, such as Nature’s Sunshine’s Energ-V, a natural daily supplement that can aid your metabolism and nourish your nervous system, bolstering your body’s natural energy structures.

Or try Nature’s Sunshine’s Solstic Energy packets. This formula contains green tea extract and B vitamins to turn your water bottle into a natural energy drink.


Don’t miss out on the motivating effects of spring this year. Harness that energy and make your spring cleaning count. You’ll emerge happier, less stressed, and ready to conquer anything that comes your way!






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