Filling Out Facebook’s About Section

If you have set up a business page on Facebook and you’ve added images,  it’s on to creating a few paragraphs of content for your business page.

Start by clicking on the “About” tab:

Facebook About Section


You’ll now see a list of about 15 things (start info, address, short description, etc.). Let’s start from the top and work our way down.

Facebook Web Address: Until you have 25 fans, you don’t have to worry about this one. When you have 25 fans, you can select a Facebook web address. Right now, if you look at your url it will say and then a lot of numbers, something like this:§ion=web_address&view

You want to lose the numbers and select a name. For example, NSP’s Facebook url is . Sometimes you have to be creative because the name you want is taken. We had to do that when we were selecting a name for IN.FORM’s Facebook page. We ended up selecting but it wasn’t our first choice.

Start Info: When you click on start info you’ll see a dropdown menu. Select whichever options applies to your NSP business (not the date you started your Facebook page). Once you select the start type, you can select a year, month, and day that you started your NSP business on. If you can’t remember the exact date, no worries, you can just select the year. Once you’ve added the date, click on “Save Changes.” By the way, you can go back and change any of these by hovering over whatever you want to change and then clicking on the “edit” button that should appear on the right side of the Page Info section.

Address: If you have a store, enter the address. If you don’t have a store, leave this one alone.

Short Description: I would actually skip this one for now. Start with your long description (which we’ll get to soon) and then condense it for your short description.

Impressum: If you live in the US, you don’t have to worry about this one.

Long Description: What is the focus of your page? Is it NSP products? Is it business building? What is this page about? Here’s an example of a long description from Coca-Cola’s page:

Here’s where you’ll find a little bit of everything you love about Coca-Cola, from beatboxing polar bears to bendy straw origami to the one million three hundred and forty thousand (and counting) amazing ways a Coke makes you feel.

So grab a Coke, Like our page and get ready to smile.

PS—If you’re drinking a Coke while reading this, you win today.

Mission: For this section I’ll refer you to an excellent article on creating a mission statement for your business. [link to Aurora’s article]

Founded: Enter your name here J . And congratulations on owning your own business!

Awards: If you’ve received awards from NSP or other business awards, post those here. Keep this legitimate.

Products: You can write something general about NSP products (there’s a lot of info you can use on our website). Or, if you want to highlight a product each month, you can do that as well.

Phone: You want people to contact you to purchase product. Enter your phone number here.

Email: Having a business email is a good idea but not essential.

Website: If you don’t have a MyNSP site, you should. Find out more about them on NSP’s website.

Official Page: If you have a blog and want to share it, this is the place. If you don’t have a blog, I recommend starting one.

Next time we’ll talk about posting on Facebook. We’ll go over several places where you can go to get content and how you post it on Facebook.

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