Five Things You May Not Know About Nature’s Sunshine

We often boast about our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Spanish Fork, and with good reason. Most nutritional companies don’t invest the time, energy and money into producing their own product. Not so with Nature’s Sunshine. We make our products in-house so that we can guarantee the purity, potency and quality that we’re known for. Here are five fun figures about our plant and what we do there.

  1. 265,000: The number of square feet in our plant. Over 24,000 square meters of space dedicated to manufacturing, testing and warehousing our raw materials and finished products. The most recent expansion, completed in 2002, added almost 150,000 square feet and more than doubled our production capacity.
  2. Over 400: The number of herbs and other raw materials we source for our products. And every one of them goes through strict testing procedures to make sure that it’s good enough for your body. Most companies will take a suppliers word about their raw materials, but not us. If anything doesn’t meet our standards, it’s immediately sent back to the supplier.
  3. Nearly 1,300: The number of active product formulas we have. No other nutritional company in the network marketing industry can compare with the sheer volume of products we offer, especially on a global scale. Many of our competitors can count their entire product offering on two hands, while some can make it into the double digits. Within the U.S. alone, NSP offers around 600 unique products.
  4. 500,000: The number of finished products we produce each week. Most NSP distributors order one box of products in a month. Imagine getting 5,000 boxes of product in a single day. Yeah, that’s about how much we make each day. And just like our raw materials, every batch of finished products is thoroughly tested to make sure it’s worthy of our label.
  5. Almost 2 BILLION: The number of capsules and tablets we make in a year. If you laid them all end to end, you’d form a chain that would wrap around the world three times with a little more to spare.

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