Flavor 2 Flourish with Nature’s Sunshine Products

Cooking-with_NSP-ProductsNature’s Sunshine offers such a myriad of marvelous products, but did you know they can be used in your everyday cooking? Try incorporating them into your recipes from salad dressings to kale chips!

You can super-charge your cells with Mineral Chi Tonic or Ionic Minerals. Minerals are such an important component to your vitality. You can add a berry flavor with the Ionic Minerals or a zing with the Mineral Chi Tonic when you add a splash to your morning smoothie!

Want to give your brain an extra boost? Try adding the dynamic duo of Nature’s Sunshine Flaxseed Oil with Lignans and Focus Attention in your shake. Focus Attention lends a delicious berry flavor to shakes.

Perhaps you enjoy more of a chocolate mocha type shake. Simply combine Love and Peas (or your favorite Nature’s Sunshine meal replacement) with 1-2 capsules of Nature’s Sunshine Cordyceps, 1 Tablespoon of carob powder and 1 Tablespoon of almond butter with unsweetened almond milk and ice, to taste.

Time for a healthy snack? Try baked kale chips seasoned with Nature’s Sunshine’s sea salt and 1-2 capsules Capsicum, Garlic and Parsley. Toss with grapeseed oil and bake at 350 degrees for approximately 20-25 minutes, tossing once during baking. (If you have a dehydrator, you could dehydrate these instead.)

Thai-Go makes a wonderful alternative to vinegar in salad dressings. Pair it with either organic extra-virgin olive oil or Nature’s Sunshine Flaxseed oil with lignans; every drizzle offers a wonderful array of antioxidants.

Opening up a capsule or two of CurcuminBP into taco meat, chili or your stir fry can add flavor and beneficial support for your immune system. This super seasoning also provides antioxidants and encourages a healthy inflammatory response.

To avoid toxic food dyes, how about trying the Nature’s Sunshine Liquid Chloropyll ES for a lovely emerald hue or the liquid B12 for sunshine yellow?

There are many other health and culinary treasures from Nature’s Sunshine, so begin experimenting with the ideas above and be creative as you flavor to flourish!

About the Author:

Robin Cook Graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Robin is a holistic health coach. She is also a certified IN.FORM coach and Certified Herbalist using Nature’s Sunshine products. Currently, she is publishing a healthy lifestyle cookbook, Cook 2 Flourish, which is to be released in December 2015. You can learn more about Robin and NSP products on her website www.n2flourish.mynsp.com . You can also find her on Facebook and Pinterest. If you are interested in guest blogging for NSP, please contact us at social@natr.com with “NSP Blog” in the subject line.


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