Follow up for Success!

Many managers and distributors might think that follow-up is pestering their customers, or perhaps a “courtesy;” something non-essential but good to do.

The truth is that follow-up is a critical step when working with new members who are trying to solve a health problem or build a business.

“Following up the most important thing we can do,” says Jim Jenks, Sr. National Manager, “because negative influences and improper usage of a product can quickly derail a new customer’s success.” Each customer needs to be reassured that herbs and supplements work regardless of what a relative might say, and that significant results can take time but are worth the effort.

Sincere and thorough follow-up ensures that customers get the results they seek. It sends a signal that you care and tells your customers that, unlike the mega-store shopping experience, they are buying premium-quality products and your expertise and guidance. A look at the top ranks of NSP managers shows a mountain of enduring customer relationships built, one at a time, through patience, personal contact and follow-up.

TIPS for FOLLOWING UP with Members and Distributors

  1. Ask questions. Make sure customers a) use products properly and b) pay attention to their health so they can observe changes and improvements.
  2. Connect via social media for easy access to new members and customers. Send encouraging messages about health transformation. Be open to their questions.
  3. Train distributors using a structured, ongoing program that ensures their access to key resources.
  4. Support distributors who are producing results.
  5. Praise and reward people; acknowledge their good work. Make calls, send emails and texts. Help others feel valued.
  6. Resist bombarding newbies with information they are not ready to absorb.

Keeping in touch with customers and distributors is critical to maintaining core relationships and building business. No matter how technologically advanced the world becomes, Nature’s Sunshine will always be a “people to people” business.

Follow up and succeed!

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