Get Inspired at NSP National Convention [Video]

Each of us is inspired to do certain things every day. This inspiration can come as a result of love, fear, hope, reward, a higher power, many things. At Nature’s Sunshine we are at our best when motivated by our mission of healing and helping others find wellness. At this year’s national convention, we will celebrate the inspiring people who carry our message to the world. 

We’ll gather thousands of managers from all over the country and share their stories of success and hope for a healthy future. You’ll learn about natural solutions and business opportunities so you can inspire others to achieve healthy living and increase prosperity. 

We’ll bring you inspirational speakers, pioneers, risk takers, and teachers, because that’s who we are. And working together, we can all inspire each other to do more and be more. Be a part of it. Join us for a truly inspirational, national convention in Salt Lake City, April 2-6, 2013. Register here by Feb. 15 for the best prices, and save 10% on one order you place, Feb. 16 – March 31. 

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