Health: Where Do I Start?

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Let’s start by remembering these simple phrases:

“May you never know the disease you prevent”
“The road to good health is paved with good intestines.”
“When all else fails, return to the guts”.
“A healthy person has a thousand dreams, an unhealthy person only has one.”

Overall, remembering and acting upon these health concepts can have a big impact!

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Lifestyle Is Key, 1-2-3

Where do we start? There are some basics.

First: Exercise and water. Make sure you’re getting fresh water and air. Are you doing a variety of exercise? Think in terms of fast exercises (aerobic and intense) and slow exercises (meditation). Make sure you are doing both.

Second: Diet/Nutrition. Talk to people about diet. What is working for people who you know? Remember, your body needs a “good fat diet” with healthy fats not a “low fat diet.”

Make sure you are getting a lot of veggies (7x day), as well as grains, and lean meats.

The British Med. J. 2014 (Oxford) states “an apple a day for over 50 yr. olds, could prevent 8,500strokes/M.I.’s a year.

Third: supplementation to repair/replenish.

The ABC’s of natural health are Activate, Build, and Cleanse. We are focusing on the “B” or “Build”. This is also known as “Repair and/or Replenish”.

To “live and thrive – not just survive” we must have daily essential nutrients. The body does not make many of these daily essentials. Foods today are devoid, so supplementation is key.

Transformational Habit of Health

It takes will power to be healthy and will power to become a habit. Just deciding what to ingest each day, requires us to make 227 discrete choices!

40% of all deaths are attributable to poor self-regulation (a fight between our pre frontal cortex and amygdala – front brain vs. mid brain) – New England Journal of Medicine 2012. Transforming your health can take time but it is well worth it. Here is where you can begin your transformation:

7 Essentials

There are seven essentials that you should consider replenishing each day: Vitamins and Minerals, EFA’s (Essential Fatty Acids), Enzymes, Probiotics, Fiber, Protein/Amino Acids, Antioxidants. There are a variety of foods and supplements that provide you with these seven essentials.

This information is based off of a February 2016 health webinar with Dr. Jay P. Vanden Heuvel IMD, PhD, DHS.