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Maybe at this point in your weight management journey you’d like a little help increasing your calorie burn throughout the day.  Maybe you are interested in something that could help break down your body fat more quickly.   You’ve been thinking about how great it would be if there was something natural you could take to help you on the path toward your weight loss goal.

Imagine no longer.  NSP has three products that just might assist you on this journey:  Ultra Therm, Sweet FX, and Stixated.

3077Ultra Therm is designed to increase your calorie burn throughout the day, help break down body fat, and inhibit the absorption of carbohydrates.  Each capsule of Ultra Therm has 75 mg of caffeine (about as much as you’d find in 3 oz. of a Starbuck’s coffee.)  The recommended dose is 2 capsules with both breakfast and lunch.  Ultra Therm is composed of green coffee bean extract, green tea extract, and a proprietary (patent-pending) sustained-release energy blend.

Green coffee bean extract promotes satiety and blood sugar balance and the green tea extract inhibits fat absorption and creates thermogenic effects (increases body’s calorie burn.)  The proprietary energy blend eliminates the spike and subsequent crash typically associated with caffeine.  In fact, only ½ of the caffeine is released initially while the remaining caffeine is slowly released to sustain the effects for several hours.

For those of you who prefer not to have added caffeine, Ultra Therm CF (caffeine-free) is available.  It is designed to speed up the metabolism by increasing the hormone adiponectin, which like leptin is lower in obese subjects, increasing the risk of type 2-diabetes and insulin resistance.  Adiponectin tells the body to burn fat, reduce hunger, and prevents high blood sugar and insulin levels.

Ultra Therm CF ingredients (sphaeranthus indicus and garcinia mangostana) increase adiponectin levels, while Rhodiola root extract improves mental capacity and physical endurance while enhancing a sense of wellbeing.  The dosage is the same:  2 capsules at breakfast and 2 at lunch, but feel free to use Ultra Therm and Ultra Therm CF interchangeably.

We’ve got breakfast and lunch covered, but what about continued support at the evening meal?  Sweet FX also helps block the absorption of sugar and reduces the amount of sugar converted to fat, with the added benefit of reducing stress and improving your mood.  When 3 capsules are taken at the evening meal, Sweet FX continues to stabilize blood sugar into the evening and reduces the urge for late night snacking.

Sweet FX is composed of two enzymes and cinnamon.  The first enzyme, L-arabinose, helps to block sugar absorption and reduces peaks in both blood sugar and insulin.  The second enzyme, L-theanine, reduces anxiety and encourages calmness and relaxation making it easier to avoid emotional eating.  Cinnamon has long been shown to maintain blood sugar and insulin levels.

Stixated is a beverage designed to satisfy cravings between meals and promote a feeling of fullness.  When mixed with water Stixated can help delay cravings.  It’s not only a convenient berry-flavored drink, it also has 3 grams of a vegetable fiber blend in each serving along with 600 mcg of the trace mineral chromium (which has been shown to reduce insulin resistance.)  The addition of garcinia cambogia (a small pumpkin-sized fruit from southeast Asia) helps to promote satiety.


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