Hockey Player Chooses Nature’s Sunshine’s Protein

Chad McDonald prefers Love and Peas Protein

Followers, we are now on month seven of our product review! This month, I will be talking about a great product offered by Nature’s Sunshine and how I feel it fits in with the proper meal plan for any athlete.

Every athlete at some point in their career gets the famous “you need to start drinking a protein shake” talk. But what type of protein shake should they take? A mass gainer? A whey protein? Many athletes get the talk; but do they really know how to progress? Unfortunately, no.

All athletes are different. From different sports to different metabolisms to different body types. What isn’t different is how athletes should use their protein shake in their daily routine. The belief from many, which isn’t necessarily wrong depending on the type of protein, is that they can get most of their calorie intake per day by drinking a protein shake with 4 huge scoops. But what is all included in that shake? Is it carbohydrates loaded? How many grams of sugar? Like any supplement, athletes need to be conscious of what is in their protein drink before chugging it!

Athletes either want to lose weight or gain muscle mass

My belief, which will vary from some, is that ALL athletes should have a high fat and protein, low carbohydrate diet.  Most of the time, athletes either want to lose weight or gain muscle mass. To me, this diet will benefit both types. Limiting your carbohydrates intake will allow for a trimmer, muscular, and leaner physique. Nature’s Sunshine has the PERFECT protein to go along with this diet and belief. Nature’s Sunshine Love and Peas Protein (sugar free) should step in at the top of any athlete’s list due to the ingredients used.

Looking at the label, one serving of the Love and Peas Protein (sugar free) has 9 grams of carbohydrates, 20 grams of protein, and 0 grams of total sugar! Comparing this to one serving of Muscle Milk Protein which has 44 grams of carbohydrates, 20 grams of protein, and 3 grams of total sugars.

On the Nature’s Sunshine website, you will notice two forms of the Love and Peas Protein. The one I recommend for any athlete is the sugar free version since it is lower carb and no sugar! Taking protein is essential for any athlete and for an athlete to get the most out of their protein shake, they need to make sure they are also pairing it with a healthy diet. An athlete can take as many supplements as they want but unless they focus on good nutritional habits, they will always be selling themselves short of peak performance.

As a reminder, I am sure that you have noticed the two dollar amounts that Love and Peas Protein (sugar free) costs: Retail and Member pricing. Remember that if you purchase $40 (Member cost) or more worth of product from Nature’s Sunshine, you will automatically be eligible to sign up for a free one-year membership! Membership to Nature’s Sunshine comes with 33% off Retail cost, as well as rebates of up to 20% on your own purchases! Thanks for reading and look out for my next product review next month!

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Product Category Cost** Frequency
Love and Peas Protein
(Sugar Free)
Necessity* Retail: $43.45
Member: $28.95
1-2 servings per day

*Any product considered “Necessity” is one that Chad feels every athlete needs to include in their daily routine.