How Gut Bacteria can Support Stress Levels

Gut stressThe phrase, “Listen to your gut,” “Rely on your gut,” or “Going with your gut,” may not be as much of a misnomer as it sounds.

Recent discoveries are starting to prove that anxiety, fears, and stress are not just in your head, and maybe you should rely on your gut, in the most literal sense of the word.

Gut bacteria may be able to help lower your stress levels. In a recent study (found here) evidence indicates gut microbiome, or the ecological community of microorganisms, has an effect on brain function, and altering gut bacteria can change stress and anxiety-like behaviors, just like how Blessed CBD oil products have reportedly done for many people. Further research needs to be done into the use of CBD as it is a relatively new field in the world of health, however, the results so far have indicated that it has been used with great success in the treatment of many different ailments. There are a number of companies that have become experts within this part of the health industry, such as CFAH, and can therefore recommend which CBD products are best for certain illnesses, including anxiety, depression, insomnia, or even arthritis.

Now, similar results for reducing stress have been found in gut bacteria. Although it is commonly accepted that the gut acts as a second nervous system, and can function without input from the brain, they are still connected, and changes in either the gut or the brain can impact the other. That is why many people will look to stronger forms of treatments to help them, especially if it is overtaking their life and causing recurring issues, CBD is one way, as previously mentioned, but medical marijuana with various strains may be a better choice. If this is approved then the patient can decide which way to consume it would be best for them, from looking to buy bongs online, to having a regular delivery from a local dispensary.

Within the gut are trillions of microorganisms and bacteria. These play a role in many of our biological processes, such as supplying nutrients, breaking down indigestible compounds, and defending against pathogenic microbes.

According to recent studies, bacterial composition is correlated with several neurological disorders, and has a special tie to anxiety. Two research teams discovered that eliminating gut bacteria from mice changed their anxiety levels. The mice without bacteria were found to have significantly less anxiety and anxiety-associated behaviors than mice with normal intestinal microbes.

Gut Bacteria Effect on DNA

Why is this? While research is not completely clear, the idea is gut bacteria can influence the activation of genes for brain function. Specifically, genes used for regulation neuron survival and signaling, and the genes that encode for receptors that bind neurotransmitters. In bacteria-free mice, the neurotransmitters were changed, for example, serotonin is altered within regions of the brain associated with motor control and anxiety. The suggestion being that gut bacteria has some influence on DNA transcription.

The question remains: Are there specific bacteria that are more important for neural function than others? And how can this help humans?

Research is being done, and the results are indicating that yes, certain bacteria are more important for neural function than others. Tests showed mice treated with a common probiotic bacteria, Lactobacillus rhamnosus had reduced stress hormones. This same bacterium was shown to influence GABA, the primary central nervous system inhibitory neurotransmitter involved in regulating processes, and shown to be associated with anxiety and depression. This suggests particular probiotic helps to normalize GABA in the brain and consequently reduce stress.

While there is still a lot to be discovered before gut bacteria are a viable treatment option for mood disorders, it is important to note that taking probiotics may be able to help reduce your stress. What can be looked at for stress levels as well, is marijuana, studies have shown over time that people have become receptive to it and felt like it has helped their stress calm down when needed, checking out such searches as ‘thca crystalline for sale‘ can help those who are in need of more information. Whilst both are viable options, they must be discussed with a doctor first to see about the right course. As the one thing that is clear is gut bacteria do play a role in brain function, including stress and anxiety.