How to Get Credit for Those You Send to Nature’s Sunshine’s Website

A common concern people have in our business is, “I’ve done the work, but how will I get the credit?”

This concern is especially valid online where computers aren’t as good as a well-trained NSP customer service agent at identifying the correct sponsor during the sign-up process.

Nature’s Sunshine offers a couple features to reduce the risk of “losing” a potential prospect that is learning about the company online:

1. MyNSP Website

Both the paid and free versions of MyNSP include a personal website. People who visit your MyNSP site are eventually directed to the Nature’s Sunshine website to purchase and to sign up. Your account number and name are automatically inserted into the “sponsor” area when your prospect completes the online sign up application at


Include links to your MyNSP Website in your emails, blog, Facebook posts, newsletters and other communications. Sign up for your MyNSP website at


2. Website address “add-on”

Anyone (MyNSP subscribers and non-subscribers) can use the Website address “add-on” to link to the Nature’s Sunshine website in their emails, blogs, websites, etc.

Prospects who click on your link will have your account number saved in a “cookie” on their computer. When the prospect signs up*, immediately or weeks later, your account number is automatically retrieved from the cookie and added to the “Sponsor” section of the sign up application.

Examples of address “add on”:

Starting April 3, 2017 add ?upline=Your-New-Account-Number to the end of the web address that you are sharing.

Note: If you used ?sponsor=Your-Old-Account-Number prior to April 2017, don’t worry. This method will continue to work with your OLD account number.

  • The address “add-on” will work with any page you send them to that begins with
  • Make sure to test your links before sending them to prospects!

How to Test your “add-on” link:

  1. Click on your link (but DO NOT login)
  2. Add $40 or more to your Cart (Member Cost)
  3. Continue to Checkout and select the sign up option
  4. You should see your account number and name in the sponsor area (as seen in the image above). If you don’t, then the link is not working properly.

*Note: The address “add-on” only works when your prospect signs up using the same computer that she used to click on your “add-on” link.

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