How to Plan the Best Vacation Ever (Easy on Mental Health)

No matter where you travel, the physical and emotional benefits of taking a vacation are plentiful. You’ll learn how to plan a vacation! (The easy way)

Best Vacation Ever

  • Helps you feel refreshed
  • Increases real or perceived energy levels
  • Changes your frame of mind
  • Provides mental stimulation by getting you out of regular patterns and habits
  • Increases time with family

But a successful vacation is not a matter of luck. By following a few simple guidelines, you can virtually guarantee that you’ll have a great vacation. It’s vital that people experience a stress-free vacation. These getaways allow us to relax and not worry about anything for a couple of days. However, some people will always be worrying about things back at home. When on vacation, your home does have to be left unattended for a short amount of time. This can worry some people as valuable items can be left inside the house. Many people have been known to worry about this, however, by adding expensive items onto your house insurance, homeowners can relax knowing that they’re covered. No one wants to go home from their vacation and see that they’ve had some of their possessions stolen, so make sure they’re covered on your insurance so homeowners can claim these items and receive the money to replace them. If any homeowners don’t already have this coverage, they could always compare home insurance quotes from different providers. That should help homeowners to feel more comfortable leaving their home for the duration of their vacation. It’s vital that people feel comfortable and relaxed, especially when they’re heading away for some time away.

How to Plan a Vacation – 7 Pro Tips

The secret to planning a satisfying and memorable getaway is to do just that: PLAN. Keep in mind these simple tips during your planning to maximize the benefits you’ll get from your vacation.

  1. Plan Ahead. This can make all the difference! Eliminating things like travel stress, including potential transportation snafus and avoiding unsafe areas, can help people feel happier and less anxious during the trip no matter where you’re going.
  2. Don’t Try to Please Everyone. Not everyone will love all of the places or activities you plan to see and do. That’s normal. So manage your expectations and theirs by planning some personal time into the group agenda so everyone can take a needed mental health break.
  3. Check Your Wallet. Does where you want to go jive with your budget? You may want to visit Paris, France, but in reality, Paris, Idaho is the destination you can afford. Save yourself some anxiety later by keeping your plans-and your expenditures-reasonable. And plan it out! Tally up what you want to spend on hotels, gasoline, dining out and souvenirs. Then see if you can afford it. If you can’t, cut it back or eliminate it. This strategy helps keep costs down and happiness up. Once you’ve got a real vacation budget, search for deals on shows, travel, hotels, and more. If there are lots of people that want to come on the trip, it might be worth checking out websites like rather than booking a hotel. Villas are a great form of accommodation, particularly for big groups. This is completely optional but you should bear it in mind if you want to cut costs!
  4. Consider Personalities. Think about who you are traveling with and the activities you will enjoy before booking. Are you a thrill-seeker? A couch potato? A germaphobe? Plan things that will fit your personality and that of your companion or group rather than just deciding we’re all going to __________ (ski, parasail, dive with sharks, hike, go to a day spa, do wine tasting, etc.).
  5. How long is the best vacation ever? It’s a scientific fact that the perfect vacation is somewhere between 3 and 6 days. Next.
  6. Plan Things to Do. When it comes to vacation happiness, volume > intensity. So whether you’re looking for things to do in Houston, Texas for a city break, or you’re on a tropical retreat, plan lots of little things instead of one great big thing. I guess we’re all kids at heart.
  7. BE PRESENT. Don’t forget to enjoy the moments of your vacation. Some people get so caught up in “what happens next” or how much they are spending that they fail to be present in the moment, and they miss the wonder and beauty of their trip. Enjoy your destination! Savor the experiences you are having, whether it’s seeing incredible landscapes and vistas, spending time with family and friends, visiting historic sites or romping on epic adventures. One blogger suggests, “Turn to the person you’re with and say, ‘Isn’t this fantastic’?” In many respects, having a great vacation is that simple.

Follow these seven tips and you’ll have the best vacation ever!

Extra Insurance for Your Stress-free Vacation

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