India Day 5 Showed Why It’s Important To Do In-Person Audits


Note: Lynda Hammons, VP of Global Quality and Regulatory and Ellen O’Neal, Purchasing Manager, are performing an audit on our suppliers in India through April. They are taking pictures and writing updates from India, and we’ll be sharing some of their experiences on the blog and on social media. Here’s part 5, in their words, where the supplier failed the audit, and in the process, shows why it’s important for Nature’s Sunshine to conduct in-person audits.



One of many signs directing employees to wash hands. But we found no hot water in any restroom.


We are nearing the end of our Indian audit schedule and looking forward to getting home. The last two days were spent with a botanical extract supplier who has three separate manufacturing facilities.

We have shared with you the good facilities but now we need to share the bad. This supplier has expertise , experience and equipment for producing botanical extracts. However, they have limited knowledge of good manufacturing practices ( GMPs). Although they had plenty of signs directing employees to wash their hands, they had NO HOT water in any restroom! FDA Food Code specifies a minimum hand-washing water temperature of 38°C (100°F).

This supplier received a failing grade.


At two of the three facilities the outside grounds and buildings were organized and well kept. The third facility had numerous violations of GMPs – un-screened windows, open doors, bird droppings inside the building and missing rodent control to list a few. This supplier received a failing audit.

In order to be NSP approved, they must correct all violations. This is why it is important for Nature’s Sunshine to conduct in-person audits.

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