Why You Need a Healthy Breakfast

For generations, it seems, parents have been telling their children that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But how do Americans feel about breakfast? Do most eat a healthy breakfast? These statistics may surprise you.

  • 93% of Americans think breakfast is the most important meal
  • 44% say they eat breakfast every day
  • 168 million Americans skip breakfast at least 1 day/week
  • Half of Americans spend more time thinking about their outfit than breakfast
  • Average American adult spends 67 minutes a day eating and drinking
  • 43% spend less than 4 minutes on breakfast
  • 27% spend less than a minute on breakfast
  • 1 in 4 Americans can’t remember what they ate for breakfast in the last 3 days

How important is eating a healthy breakfast?

 Studies show people who skip breakfast tend to crave more carbohydrates.
  • 40% who skip breakfast crave more sweets
  • 55% who skip breakfast crave more soft drinksDoughnuts
  • 45% who skip breakfast eat 45% fewer vegetables
  • 30% of those who skip breakfast eat 30% less fruit
  • Half of regular breakfast skippers are obese

People who eat breakfast every morning are:

  • 34% less likely to develop diabetes
  • 40% less likely to develop fat around the belly

How breakfast affects your thinking (study of 6,000 students)

  • 61% showed improvements in English and math tests
  • Hand eye coordination improved

Breakfasts aren’t equal

  • Oatmeal eaters performed up to 20% better than sugary cereals
  • Eggs resulted in improved concentration, reduced cravings, and daily reduced calorie intake

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