Is your fast-paced lifestyle causing unhealthy digestion?

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The average American has a fast-paced lifestyle ruled by a host of unhealthy habits.  Most disregard regular exercise, don’t sleep enough, and work too much.  Even if you don’t fall victim to one of these poor health habits, you probably eat many meals on the go. And any of these things can leave you victim to the pains of digestive stress.

As far as disease prevention is concerned, nutrition is one of the most influential factors—but somehow it’s also one of the most commonly ignored.  All too often, people starve their bodies of proper nutrition by paving the road for poor digestion as they consume unhealthy foods and live a fast-paced, chaotic lifestyle.

In order to maximize your body’s ability to get proper nutrients from healthy food choices, your digestive health has to be in order.  The digestive tract is where our bodies absorb vitamins and minerals and other nutrients necessary for survival.  As we choose to eat heavily processed foods that lack the nutrition we need, we inflict our bodies with dietary stress.

Stress on the digestive system can also increase if we eat too quickly, have irregular eating habits, or don’t exercise.  So it’s important to develop healthy habits that ensure regular digestion.

Beyond that, there are certain nutrients that the body requires for healthy digestion.  For example, enzymes are proteins that contribute to the breakdown of food.  If you fail to consume adequate enzymes, the stress level of the digestive tract increases, resulting in bloating, indigestion, heartburn or even constipation.

Probiotics are another important contributor to proper digestion.  These are actually healthy bacteria that the body requires in order to extract nutrients from certain foods, including, milk, yogurt and cheese.  Considering the health habits of today, most people don’t receive the recommended amount of these nutrients on a daily basis.

Now you can see it’s important for people to either consider finding supplements that can help support digestion or spend more time preparing meals full of these nutrients.  Better yet, doing both of these things will ensure maximum digestive health so your body can absorb nutrients, increase disease prevention, and just feel good.