What is Kava Kava Extract?


There is a lot of debate over Kava vs Kratom, which is better, what the differences are, etc. so we thought we would take some time to explain what kava is in this article to help clear up common misconceptions.

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If you’re looking for a way to reduce your anxiety so that you can better manage it – and your life – then you need to look no further than our Kava Kava extract capsules.

What is Kava Kava?

In the South Pacific, on a few islands, a root grows that’s called kava kava. This is where we get the Kava Kava extract used in our capsules. While it was traditionally prepared as a tea, Kava Kava is now commonly produced in a power (capsule) form to make it easier to ingest.

What does it do?

If you’ve ever had worse-than-normal stress due to work, school, or relationships problems, you know how debilitating that level of anxiety can be. You need something to help you relax.

That’s where Kava Kava comes in. It has a very calming effect that can relieve anxiety, restlessness, sleeplessness, and other stress-related symptoms. If you’ve ever had to take a benzo diazepam (such as Valium) then you’re familiar with what an anti-anxiety medicated is supposed to do. Even nitrous oxide, like you get at the dentist’s office, is fair comparable to what Kava Kava can do.

However, what Kava Kava is able to do that other anxiety-relievers cannot is that it calms you down without taking away your mental sharpness. Popular commercial anti-anxiety options usually result in a less-than-stellar mental state, due to how calm they make you. However, Kava Kava doesn’t do that. It also doesn’t promote sedation, another factor that makes it appealing to anyone dealing with anxiety-related issues.

Is Kava Kava safe?

We’ve all heard the stories about people hooked on Valium or similar medicines, so it’s understandable to be wary of another product claiming to help reduce your stress and anxiety levels and related symptoms. However, unlike Valium and other medicine, Kava Kava is an all-natural solution that’s non-habit forming. You can take it as needed when occasional stressors trigger tense muscles, sleeplessness, or increased anxiety. After those periods pass, however, you won’t feel compelled to keep taking the Kava Kava extract because your body is so used to it. Being an all-natural solution, it’s nearly impossible to become addicted to Kava Kava, though excessive use over time may dull its efficacy when you actually need it.

If you’ve been dealing with anxiety, anxiety related symptoms, or have more stress in your life than normal and want to feel like yourself again, then Kava Kava is a product worth looking into. As a non-habit forming solution to stress, muscle tension, and anxiety relief without dulling your senses or promoting sedation, Kava Kava is the sensible solution for people looking to get a better grip on life’s more difficult situations.

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