Why You Must Try Harder to Keep Your Thyroid Healthy

keep your thyroid healthy

Your butterfly-shaped thyroid gland, located in the throat, influences almost every part of your body. It regulates metabolism and weight, it affects growth during childhood, it makes proteins and controls how the body interacts with other hormones.

When your thyroid is out of whack, you can definitely tell something is wrong.

Some research has demonstrated that as many as 40 percent of the U.S. population have a malfunctioning thyroid, affecting everything from digestion to fertility and immunity.


Hypothyroidism is when your body doesn’t make enough of the thyroid hormone. People dealing with a sluggish thyroid usually exhibit a lack of energy, unexplained weight gain, scaly skin, hair loss and cold sensitivity. If you have several of these symptoms, your thyroid could be underactive.

Often, symptoms related to a sluggish thyroid are not always attributed to a malfunctioning gland. You may be prescribed antidepressants, laxatives or sleeping aids, and told to work harder at the gym before your doctor considers testing for hypothyroidism. But once diagnosed, it doesn’t take long to get your thyroid behaving correctly.


keep your thyroid healthy

Conversely, a hyperactive thyroid occurs when the thyroid secretes too much of the T4 hormone, causing some body systems to speed up. A hyperactive thyroid seems to be more prevalent in women, but men can also exhibit symptoms of excess T4.

Symptoms include feeling restless and irritable, rapid heartbeat, protruding eyes, unexplained weight loss, difficulty focusing and poor sleep.


Several outside influences can affect thyroid health. Some common causes of thyroid malfunction are gluten sensitivity, chronic stress, medications and pesticides. Be sure to see your doctor for a complete thyroid check-up, without trying to diagnose or treat the symptoms yourself. A medical group called holtorf specializes in treating hyperthyroidism and explores many avenues of treatment for a hyperactive thyroid. However, it’s best to avoid hyperthyroidism altogether; keep reading for some tips on how to keep your thyroid healthy!

Health Tips

To keep your thyroid healthy, load up on foods like seaweed, Brazil nuts, eggs, and coconut oil while avoiding soy, gluten products, and soda. Meditation, or any activity that reduces stress levels, can also balance out thyroid hormones. You might also want to talk to your doctor or medical professional regarding how cannabis or the use of various cannabinoids could keep your stress levels at a minimum, and the effects these different cannabinoids could have on your thyroid hormones. If your doctor thinks it might be a good idea to experiment with cannabis or different cannabinoids, then you’ll be wanting to research into somewhere like this wonder buds weed shop or others to find yourself some of the best medical flowers available to you.

In addition to diet and stress management, it’s important to get ample amounts of sleep and exercise and perhaps try an herbal treatment like Nature’s Sunshine’s Thyroid Activator.

The ingredients in the Thyroid Activator include Irish moss, kelp, parsley, sarsaparilla root and black walnut hulls. These components have shown to support the glandular system, nourish and support the thyroid, and provide essential nutrients that may be missing in your diet such as protein, amino acids, minerals and fatty acids.

Another Nature’s Sunshine product, Thyroid Support, can help relieve the effects of fatigue and stress in the body. Vitamin B6, along with a specially-designed blend of minerals and herbs, support thyroid hormones to regulate body functions. Your thyroid is in control of so much of your body, make sure it’s being taken care of properly.

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