linda_2IN.FORMing and Transforming in Downers Grove Nature’s Sunshine has known that IN.FORM is a transformational program. Linda LaLonde of Downers Grove, Illinois is living proof of that.

In a year and a half, Linda went from a self-described “NSP dabbler” to an IN.FORM-certified District
Manager, leading five IN.FORM classes per week! In the process, Linda has transformed her business, her life and the lives of her clients. In April 2014, Linda found herself at National Convention. “I wasn’t sold on Nature’s Sunshine yet,” she freely admits. But Nature’s Sunshine was offering an IN.FORM certification class the day after convention, and her upline Manager, Mary Ward, encouraged her to attend.

“Mary had participated in the pilot program, and she knew that I was frustrated that I wasn’t doing that well with my business. She told me I needed to give this program a try. I went to the certification and immediately recognized that the program made sense. I was already a Naturopath Kingston with an approach that centered on holistic health. But I was having a hard time translating that for others. The IN.FORM plan was everything I believed in-eating right, exercising, integrating healthy emotional and mental health habits-rolled into an easy-to share plan.”

Once she got home, Linda started recruiting her friends to be part of her first IN.FORM group. “I needed a safe group to practice on. A few of them didn’t even pay for the class, but it gave me invaluable experience in leading a group through the 13-week program. And every single one of them saw results,” says Linda.

Plus, she learned from her first group how to infuse her personality and expertise into the program. “It’s a beautiful program, and it really started to work for me when I learned to make it my own. It gave me a platform to share my knowledge.” Then Linda learned that a local physical therapy group was looking for a nutritionist.

“I talked with them and discovered that our philosophies lined up. They began marketing my IN.FORM program, and by December, I was running three IN.FORM classes per week!” In March she was teaching five classes each week. Several of Linda’s participants have since become IN.FORM-certified and are leading their own IN.FORM groups. “IN.FORM has changed my life,” Linda says. “I love it. This program gives people the tools and knowledge they need to make good choices. It’s everything I believe about good health. Making IN.FORM a part of your business is not hard to do. It’s just a matter of getting started and doing it.”

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