Judy Pladna, an Area Manager from Dubuque, Iowa, is an IN.FORM coach and NSP retailer. Her growing business has propelled her to great success in the I-Inspire program. We asked Judy about her growth, her new shop and the secrets of her success:


I got started with Nature’s Sunshine by using Intestinal Soothe and Build and Stomach Comfort to help my husband support his digestion. We then started sharing NSP products with others, which inspired me to certify as a master herbalist to have the credibility to reach out to my community. I started out doing consultations first. Then about two years ago, we opened a retail shop in a 120-squarefoot space. When we started offering the IN.FORM program, we didn’t have room, so our groups met at a chiropractor’s office. Then, because of our success with IN.FORM, I opened In.SIGHT – A Place of Wellness where we offer IN.FORM groups, yoga and fitness classes, massage and meditation, and, of course, Nature’s Sunshine supplements.

One thing I’ve done recently that has really made a difference in our growth and success has been using social media to get our business out there. I basically learned how to do it as I went along. I have found the most success using Facebook®, but I’m also on Pinterest and using Twitter and Instagram a bit. There’s information everywhere. Just look at what other successful people are doing and use that as a pattern. LOSING = WINNING WITH IN.FORM I now have eight IN.FORM coaches on my team! We have seven IN.FORM groups going right now at our In.SIGHT center. I think having a place to meet is key to our success with IN.FORM. I also emphasize food journaling a lot. It helps people realize just how much and exactly what they put into their bodies, and it’s a real eye-opening experience for many people.

The success of our group members sells people on the program…it attracts new members to the groups. People who love IN.FORM tend to really promote it to their friends and neighbors. Then we start new groups and people feel better, and it continues. IN.FORM has definitely made my business stronger. Without it, I would not have been able to open up my new In.SIGHT center. IN.FORM is a gateway to other NSP products, and it provides an opportunity to meet people who otherwise wouldn’t have shown interest in NSP.


On the retail side of business, offering samples has been very important to our success. We have done well offering samples of meal replacements, Stixated® and AnxiousLess®, which triggers sales immediately. I’ve also utilized posters and banners, taking advantage of some of the point-of-purchase materials from Nature’s Sunshine, and I’ve made my own creations. I mostly promote product and health categories like weight management and stress.


What else helps me succeed? Goal setting. Absolutely! I am highly motivated by numbers. I set three goals at a time, so I don’t get overwhelmed and can accomplish them more effectively. One of my current goals is to hold successful events for my team to learn and grow their businesses. In terms of training my group, I hold one monthly meeting with my first- and second-level managers to work on business building. I also hold one-on-one meetings as needed. I am known to drop in on their IN.FORM meetings to inspire their groups. I rely heavily on private Facebook groups to answer any questions they have.


During 2014, I qualified through I-Inspire to attend National Convention in Anaheim in April 2015. What a fantastic trip to California! I brought with me one of my daughters and two of my sisters. The event inspired both of my sisters to become IN.FORM coaches. So far Jody has taught one solid group and incorporated yoga into the class! It was fantastic and served as another motivation for me to open the In.SIGHT center so we would have room for yoga. My sister Grace is halfway through teaching her first two IN.FORM groups. Both of my sisters have found their own health success with IN.FORM and are sharing that through their own groups.


1. Change your mind-set. Don’t “sell,” share.
2. Oils are hot right now. Use them as an attention getter.
3. Remember, NO just means Next Opportunity.
4. Focus on the audience you already have.
5. Remember the importance of teamwork.
6. Keep IN.FORM simple. The program is well-written and thought out. It needs no embellishments.
7. Hosting events can be stressful. Focus on daily activity to get the word out. And remember, it’s not about having a full house. I’ve seen better results with a few of the right prospects than a room full of people who don’t want to be there. To me, the most gratifying part of having an NSP business is the ability to share health with my community. I love the feeling of helping someone find support for health and expanding his/her knowledge. After all, many of us in the Nature’s Sunshine family are teachers whether we are called herbal sponsors, practitioners or doctors. The education and support from this company is why I chose them to be the vehicle for me to help others.

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