Managers of the Year José & Rosa Papias

Papias, Manager of the Year, 2017

Papias, Manager of the Year, 2017

Before they discovered Nature’s Sunshine, José remembers a tougher road. “I don’t even know how we did it back then. It was very stressful. Those were hard times. We lived in a small space. Sometimes I had to go to work in the morning, sometmes in the afternoon, and sometimes in the evening.” Despite everything they did, José recalls with emotion that he could not offer his children something more. “But we worked very hard, and we had the will to succeed.”

As José looked at other options that might allow him to enjoy more time with family and perhaps a higher potential income, they discovered the Nature’s Sunshine opportunity. That was in 2004. “When I made the decision to work with NSP, Rosita questioned me. ‘You think you’re really going to grow a business with herbs?’ I answered, ‘Yes.’”

They started out with a retail business and earned money to help pay the bills. But they didn’t advance in rank, nor could José travel after qualifying for great trips. He had to run the store. It wasn’t until December of 2014 when his upline manager nudged him into network marketing. “My manager worked with me and we created a plan to grow my business.”

From there, everything just grew. In 2015, the Papias team became the #1 I-Inspire point earners on the leaderboard. They repeated that feat in 2016. “With this company, dreams come true. Working really hard, we earned a trip to Ireland, a trip to Alaska, and this year, we earned a Mediterranean cruise! We also drive a car that is paid for by Nature’s Sunshine. This company has changed our lives in an extraordinary way,” José shares. “As we work, NSP gives us the opportunity to earn REAL rewards and prosperity.”

But you can’t put a value on one of the best perks of all. Rosa explains, “Ever since we joined Nature’s Sunshine, our family has become closer and more united. We get to spend more time with our children and grandchildren. And we are happy.” José concurs. “We’re doing what we are passionate about, and doing it in the right way and in the right place. Best of all, we are with our family, and that makes us happy.”

José and Rosa work hard to strengthen their successline members. María Gómez and her husband Anastacio express their gratitude to the Papiases. “We are very proud that José and Rosita are our sponsors. They support us and they’re always there for us. We are thrilled to see them reach their goals, because they both truly deserve every success. They are super hardworking people, and they are super focused and super dedicated.”

Some of that hard work can be witnessed in weekly training meetings with their successline members. “No matter what happens, rain or shine, we teach our group members in a clear and simple way the business principles that lead to growth,” José says. “And that has given us excellent results. It also helps everyone maintain enthusiasm and a sense of purpose.” They also utilize the Sunshine Rewards program and its many benefits. “For us, Sunshine Rewards has been one of the most effective tools for customer retention,” José shares.

Both José and Rosa work on the business. “Rosita is excellent,” José says. “Everywhere she goes, she hands out business cards and explains what we do. Sometimes a customer hasn’t even entered our office yet, and she’s already spoken with them and sold the product.” Rosa is known to walk out to greet people who are still in their cars to see what they need. “We are a team. We work together, doing what we love to do.”

Occasionally providing service means going above and beyond. “One time we didn’t leave the office until 1:00 a.m., because we were helping people who had traveled a long way to see us,” José recalls. “But we didn’t feel frustrated or tired because we enjoy what we do.”

Their upline manager offers additional praise for the Papias team: “José and Rosa are entrepreneurial people,” he says. “Their rapid growth is the result of the hard work they do as a team.” He continues, “One thing I love about them is that even though they already have a vast amount of experience, they always seek to add new knowledge and skills. And I know that will pay big dividends.”

José is laser-focused on training his members. In March 2017, they opened their own Manager Business School in Huntington Park, Calif., where the Papias team teaches their managers the business practices and strategies that have led them to success. José even helps his group members develop their own vision for the future of their business, which in turn fosters success.

The Papiases are happy where they are, with the means and the flexibility to spend time with family and run a very profitable business. “We have heard of a lot of different companies, but we wouldn’t trade Nature’s Sunshine for any of them,” José says.

Congratulations to José and Rosa for their tremendous success and for being named Managers of the Year for 2017!


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