Milk Thistle Benefits: 6 Things You Don’t Know About Milk Thistle


What are some of the benefits of milk thistle?

There are several milk thistle benefits. It is a powerful antioxidant that helps support the hepatic system. It helps stabilize cell membranes and facilitates milk_thistleelimination of toxins from the body. It also acts as a powerful antioxidant. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, “Milk thistle (Silybum marianum) has been used for 2,000 years as an herbal remedy for a variety of ailments, particularly liver, kidney, and gall bladder problems.”

What is silymarin?

Milk thistle contains silymarin, which helps the liver produce cells and helps stabilize liver cell membranes. It actually changes the structure of the outer liver cell membrane, preventing toxins and poisons from entering the cell. Silymarin is a group of flavonoids. Flavonoids are found in plants and help give plants flower coloration.

What part of the plant is used when making a milk thistle supplement?

The milk thistle’s seed contains the most silymarin and is typically used although any part of the plant that grows above ground can be used. Nature’s Sunshine uses milk thistle seed extract (80 percent silymarin) in their milk thistle supplement. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center “Most milk thistle products are standardized preparations made from the seeds of the plant, to contain 70 to 80% of silymarin.”

Can You Take Milk Thistle Every Day?

Yes, if you are using Nature’s Sunshine Milk Thistle Combination or Milk Thistle T/R.

How much milk thistle should I take each day?

You can take 2 tablets with a meal twice a day if you are using our combination product or 1 tablet with a meal twice daily if using our T/R product.

I’m not sure how to take milk thistle. Is there a specific way?

The easiest way is to use a milk thistle supplement. Milk thistle teas are also available. Because milk thistle doesn’t dissolve well in water, it isn’t very effective as a tea.


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