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A Nature’s Sunshine business can work for you at any stage of life. You may be working full-time, part-time, a stay at-home mom or dad, retired or just looking for some extra income.  Becoming a Nature’s Sunshine distributor is flexible and easy when you love the products! Regardless of the reason or timing these tips can help in developing your business and product knowledge.

In previous Nature’s Sunshine blog articles you may have learned how to create your business plan and also tips on how to share your experiences with others about using Nature’s Sunshine. Here are some additional resources and tips that you may not have explored that can help you build or strengthen strategy on sharing:

  • Reference product fact sheets for proper claims. When sharing about product success you’ll want to clarify testimony regarding any additional claims that are from your individual experience versus what is stated on product fact sheets. We get so excited about how well these products work for us that we sometimes can get carried away in our enthusiasm. These fact sheets are great if you’re new as they can help you learn all about the products and bring added credibility to you and your business as a knowledgeable distributor.
  • Did you know Nature’s Sunshine has tested its products against other brands? You can reference the NSP vs. Competition Comparison here. This information is helpful when customers ask how Nature’s Sunshine compares to other brands. Essential Oils seem to be everywhere and customers could be confused as to which brand to choose. You can help them make the right choice based on this information. You may want to print them out and keep in a binder for handy reference. The NSP Member site has loads of information and images you can reference and use to promote your business.
  • Don’t forget about your upline. Your sponsor and area manager are a wealth of information and can help you on how best to share and take your business to the next level. If one of your goals is to reach manager this year they can help get you there.
  • Attend (whether in person or online) as many Nature’s Sunshine workshops and webinars as you can. There is always a wealth of knowledge shared at in-person events, plus you can get to know the distributors in your group or area. Long-time distributors at these events are happy to share their business and product tips with newbies! You’ll also hear of other people’s experiences with the products that can help you with your customers’ needs. Check out previous webinars here. If you are already a distributor you’ll want to take some time to explore your back office. It features many educational and promotional tools.
  • When you developed your plan for 2015 did you also map out your strategy? What are other ways that you can share your experiences with Nature’s Sunshine products? There are many resources you can use to share this information to your customers and potential new distributors. To explore the Nature’s Sunshine Resources website click here. Develop a strategy plan for sharing through email, blogging, classes, etc.

Customers who may not have tried Nature’s Sunshine products previously may feel more confident when receiving the information that Nature’s Sunshine provides (ex: emails, brochures, fliers, website, etc.), in addition to the information regarding your own product experiences. To learn about the opportunity, recognition and additional education Nature’s Sunshine provides click here.

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Aurora Rodriguez is an NSP distributor and a guest blogger for To learn more about Aurora, becoming a  distributor for Nature’s Sunshine, or to purchase NSP products, click here.

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