Natural Health Food Stores: Are You Shopping At the Right Place?

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Where do you get your natural health products? Do you order them online on sites like Nia Pure Nature or do you have a trusted practitioner you go to? Do you go to the nearest natural health food store or do you not use any natural health products at all?

If you’re not using any health products at all, then this is only the beginning of your journey towards a healthier diet and happier lifestyle. You might want to search for the best edibles canada has to offer, for example, or you might just want to pop to your local farm shop for some organic, free-range eggs. Either way, your healthy choices are going to help you to live your life to its fullest.

Everyone’s body is different, and the options you have for keeping your body healthy are just as varied.

One thing is sure when you’re shopping for natural health products: You want to make sure you’re getting the best quality possible, and you’re getting just the right product for your health needs.

The problem with the way many people buy natural health products is that they don’t consider the options available to them. Many people buy their products from the closest health food store or consume products that are “close enough” to the mixture that will meet their needs.

You deserve to have a natural health routine that is as personalized as your fingerprint, and you deserve to get it as conveniently as possible. Here, we’ll highlight some of the downsides to sticking with your current natural health program, and the benefits you can get from ultimate customization.

Natural Health Products: Quality and Convenience

What other options are there? Is it really possible to find just the right health product, made with the highest quality ingredients, and get it to my home any way I please?

natural health products

Actually, it is possible!

Nature’s Sunshine cares first and foremost about your health. That’s what has motivated us to create high-quality, innovative products that span a product list of over 500 options. But we know that creating the best natural health products on the market doesn’t come from sheer volume, it comes from a quality process.

At Nature’s Sunshine, we don’t take just one step to earn your trust. We don’t even take two! We take four steps with every single product that allows us to guarantee you the highest quality, most healthful product you can find.

Our rigorous process includes:

  1. Raw Material Sourcing – We travel the world to find the finest herbs and test them to verify each ingredient’s true beneficial potential.
  2. Formulate for Efficacy – Our science teams are dedicated to ingredient purity and potency in order to deliver proven results.
  3. In-house Manufacturing – We make and package every product in own facility under strict global guidelines, conditions and regulations.
  4. Testing from Start to Finish – Nature’s Sunshine conducts over 600 tests on our products to ensure potency, consistency and purity.

Do we do this because we’re perfectionists? Sure. But more importantly we do it because our goal is to transform lives around the world by providing the most innovative and highest quality health solutions possible.

around the world

We care so much about our products, we want to make sure everyone can get access to them. This is why we give customers three ways to get their Nature’s Sunshine products. Those who still enjoy going to a brick and mortar store can stop by one of our retailers to pick up their goods. Others can shop online or turn to their trusted practitioner for Nature’s Sunshine’s products.

Our quality, convenience, and customer-centricity has made Nature’s Sunshine a popular health solution in over 26 markets around the world.

If you’re looking for natural health solutions, you clearly care about the health and wellness of your body. Don’t let your ambition stop there. You can feel a vitality and wellness come through your body like never before if you just use the right products.

The Nature’s Sunshine Difference

The natural health industry isn’t perfect. It’s full of brands selling over-hyped ingredients, making questionable claims, and trendy products that are here today and gone tomorrow.

This has motivated Nature’s Sunshine to stand behind three principles:

  • Longevity – In such an unstable industry, Nature’s Sunshine is proud to have spent the last 42 years developing and sharing our products with the world.
  • Products – In order to provide customers with a transformative health experience, we put an emphasis on innovation and relevance. We don’t buy into fleeting trends, but focus on lasting science about the benefits of natural resources.
  • Testing – We have set and maintained the highest standards for natural health products in the industry. That’s why Nature’s Sunshine products are recommended by natural health practitioners around the world.

Programs that Make Your Shopping More Rewarding

Because transforming the lives of our customers is our priority, we have developed two special programs that make being a Nature’s Sunshine customer about more than having products in your medicine cabinet.

sunshine heroes foundation

The Sunshine Heroes Foundation works to bring health and wellness to people around the world. As a founding sponsor, Nature’s Sunshine has helped the Sunshine Heroes Foundation affect the lives of people across the globe.

Nature’s Sunshine donates a portion of products sales to the foundation, which goes to impoverished areas around the world to develop necessary amenities for the local people.

Some of the projects the Sunshine Heroes Foundation has accomplished with the help of Nature’s Sunshine are renovating baby hospitals in Russia, constructing schools in Mali, Africa and distributing health supplements throughout Ghana.

Knowing the money you spend on natural health products goes to more than just a company’s bottom line really makes your natural health program about more than your own health, but the health of communities you share the world with. That information can be transformative in and of itself!

Another great program that stretches the value of your dollar is Sunshine Rewards. This is a free program that helps you reach your goals by making consistency easy.

In order to get the most out of your natural health routine, you need to keep to your regimen. Instead of worrying about running to the store or ordering online, you can sign up to get your products shipped for free to your home every month.

If you want to see and feel all of the benefits from your supplement routine, you want to take your products daily for at least 90 days. The Sunshine Rewards program makes it easy to stay consistent and you can earn rewards points toward free products in the process.

Free shipping, free products, and convenient ordering is just another way Nature’s Sunshine puts you and your needs first!


There is nothing wrong with how you shop, as long as you’re making the choice.

You should be able to choose the natural health products you use, how you get them, and when you get them. You should be able to choose the freshest, highest-quality products, not ones that have been sitting on the shelves for months. And you should choose how you feel about where your money is going-is it just going to better someone’s bottom line, or to better the world?

When shopping at natural health food stores, it’s important to have all the right information. And now that you do, what choice are you going to make?