Nature’s Sunshine: 45 Years of Quality

45 Years of Nature's Sunshine

For 45 years, we’ve been trusted by distributors as the leaders in nutritional supplement manufacturing. We don’t fall into the fads of supposed “super ingredients,” nor do we try and lure customers with too-good-to-be-true advertising. Instead, we stick to the values of quality, service, and integrity exemplified in Gene and Kristine Hughes – the founders of Nature’s Sunshine.

While today it’s commonplace to take herbal supplements in the form of a capsule, back in 1972 that wasn’t the case. Nature’s Sunshine was the first company to encapsulate herbs, which is just another reason that we’ve been able to be a leader and pioneer in the health and wellness community.


Our Distributors

With an extensive network of distributor partners who form the real backbone of our success at Nature’s Sunshine, it’s plain to see that our products aren’t just a fad. We’re committed to quality products, exceptional service, all delivered with the integrity set in stone by our founders.

What’s most unique about our 45-year history, however, is that while we’ve retained the core values that help makes us who we are, our distributors have done the same. We’re proud to work with distributors who have the same values as we do, and it’s only with their consistent help, knowledge, and passion that Nature’s Sunshine has been able to grow in the manner that we have.


Our Products

Since the first encapsulated herb – cayenne pepper – we produced, Nature’s Sunshine has long made it imperative that only the best products will be made available to our distributors and customers. We achieve this high product quality standard with a comprehensive approach.

We travel the world to inspect our suppliers’ facilities and processes to ensure the highest quality natural ingredients are harvested and handled to protect key essential nutrients. Then, we verify each ingredient’s true beneficial potential.

Then, these ingredients are tested against the most rigorous standards in the industry, again ensuring that they’re of high enough quality for our valuable customers.

Our products are then packaged at our own facility under conditions and guidelines that meet the most stringent global regulations.

Finally, each supplement is approved for efficacy and use by a team of health experts and doctors. We don’t make false claims. We don’t use “super ingredients.” We just create products that are the highest quality possible, approved by the health experts who know how these supplements interact with your body. This process ensures that the end result is a product that we, our distributors, and customers can all support and that reflect the values we closely hold at Nature’s Sunshine.


We’ll go further

We’ve come quite a ways in 45 years. From being the first company to encapsulate herbs to our state-of-the-art Hughes Center for Research and Innovation, we’re a leader in the world of health sciences.

And things will only get better from here. At our research and innovation center, teams of world-class scientists and medical professionals work together to make new advancements and discoveries in the health world. This drive to be the best, to innovate, to consistently create and improve our products, is what’s helped us stick around and become a leader in this industry. And it’s what will keep propelling us forward to become even better.

We’re blessed and grateful to be in this position, where we can run a company providing a service for people across the world. Health and wellness should be achievable by everyone, and here at Nature’s Sunshine our commitment to quality helps make that goal a reality for countless individuals worldwide.

It’s been quite the ride for the past 45 years, and none of this could’ve happened without you and your help. We can’t wait to see what the next 45 years brings!

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