Nature’s Sunshine to Move Headquarters in June 2018

Artist rendering of Lone Peak Plaza (currently under construction), the new home of Nature’s Sunshine Products.

Nature’s Sunshine will bring all of its business units together under one roof this next summer as it moves its headquarters to the new, state-of-the-art Lone Peak Plaza. The company will begin its move in June 2018 with full occupancy expected by July 2018.

The move will allow Nature’s Sunshine to better leverage synergies, best practices and centers of excellence in each unit to accelerate business growth across all its units. With a more efficient layout, the Lone Peak Plaza will also help facilitate increased collaboration and teamwork leading to more streamlined processes and a reduction in duplicated efforts.

Additionally, the new building will provide more effective branding, creating a showpiece for the company that both employees and distributors can take pride in. Central to this is the Hughes Center for Research and Innovation, Nature’s Sunshine’s cutting-edge research facility dedicated to the advancement of nutritional supplements. The work of the Hughes Center has led to the development of clinically studied, patent-pending products and programs that are exclusive to Nature’s Sunshine, and with the ongoing professional help of a patent lawyer, these aspects should be set in stone soon, giving us complete control over each and every product that we have, or will go on to create in the future.

“We are excited to bring all the Nature’s Sunshine family together,” said Gregory L. Probert, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Nature’s Sunshine, “Making this move is an investment in our future as it will help us better serve our distributors and provide them with the tools and materials they need to succeed in a timelier and more efficient manner.”

Centrally located between the Salt Lake City and Provo-Orem metro areas, the new building, which takes on the same sort of design aesthetic as what somewhere like these metal building companies can provide you, will give Nature’s Sunshine access to the best talent in both regions. Approximately 200 employees will occupy 61,000 square feet of the 125,000 square foot building.

“We are thrilled to open a new chapter in Nature’s Sunshine’s great history as we come together in a new facility,” said Nature’s Sunshine Chief Marketing Officer, Adriana Mendizabal. “Our new headquarters will give us an opportunity to welcome leaders from the many countries in which we operate, including our newest market, China, where we recently obtained our direct selling license. We look forward to sharing our new home with distributors and other guests from around the world beginning this next summer.”

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