Nature’s Sunshine’s Four Point Path to Unsurpassed Quality [Video]

For more than 40 years, Nature’s Sunshine has built a reputation for rigorous testing and procedures that ensure the highest quality vitamin and nutritional supplements in the world. Below we have updated our quality video to showcase how we do it:

Quality video 2013-YouTube sharing from NSP on Vimeo.

How is it accomplished? How does a brand of products, proven to transform lives naturally, stand apart in a cluttered landscape of marginal brands that also claim to offer high-quality products?

The answer lies in trust. A trust earned through over 40 years of proven results from products of unwavering purity and potency. We earn and maintain that trust with our exclusive four-point path to unsurpassed quality.

1. Raw Material Sourcing. Our quest for quality begins at the source. Through our relentless search to discover the finest natural ingredients our planet has to offer. Then when we find potential ingredient sources, we conduct rigorous onsite inspections of their entire operation. Before they can qualify to become a trusted link in Nature’s Sunshine’s supply chain. And once we secure those natural and beneficial raw materials, we maintain nutrient integrity by keeping tight control of each and every ingredient from the moment we bring it into our facility, where we conduct thorough analysis to make sure each ingredient is free of pesticides, heavy metals, dirt, and other suspect fillers that can often find their way into other brands of natural products.

2. Formulate for Efficacy. We have the skill and experience to create unique results-oriented formulas that best utilize the raw materials and other key beneficial components in every nutritional product we make. We take every step necessary to guarantee every Nature’s Sunshine natural product contains the precise amount of the right part, of the right species, manufactured under precisely controlled conditions. Formulating for efficacy is the surest way we can deliver on our uncompromised commitment to ingredient potency and purity.

3. Quality In-House Manufacturing. In a marketplace where 85 percent of all branded products are manufactured by third-party suppliers, we proudly create Nature’s Sunshine Products at our 200,000 square-foot facility in Spanish Fork, Utah. Our quality-first production facility is one of a select few to earn NSF Good Manufacturing Certification.

4. Finished Product Testing. Utilizing a range of 600 quality and purity tests, we test our finished products with advanced analytical equipment that literally defines “state of the art” in our industry. Yes, we could rely on less stringent testing protocols, but once again, predictable and repeatable results are what set us apart.

That is Nature’s Sunshine Four-Point Path to Unsurpassed Quality: Four key reasons savvy natural health practitioners and natural product users around the world trust the results-driven product of Nature’s Sunshine.

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