NSP Liquid Line Earns Redzone Recognition for Increased Productivity

Several of our liquid line team members recently attended a Redzone awards dinner in Chicago to receive a Team of the Year award for innovation.

Our Spanish Fork manufacturing plant personnel have been on a lean journey for the past five years. Throughout this journey, they have eliminated a great deal of process waste, and the liquid line is a shining example of that. Earlier this year, the liquid line team began testing flexible shifts to see what efficiency gains could be realized. This trial consisted of combining the employees of two shifts to become one flexible shift where workers staggered their start and finish times. The liquid line accepted the challenge, and we saw immediate gains in Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). This idea soon became a permanent and excellent business solution, and productivity has increased by 16%!

Now the liquid line—where bottles are filled with a variety of NSP liquids—yields more in 60 hours than it did before in 80. As Redzone put it, “Teamwork makes the dream work!” Congratulations to all of our liquid line operators on their tremendous success!

NSP Chief Operations Officer Sue Armstrong is thrilled with the recognition this team has earned. “I’m so proud of this achievement by the whole team, and pleased with both the innovation and the willingness of employees to try something different and make it work so brilliantly. We’re looking forward to the next phase of the journey.”

Based in Miami, Fla., Redzone creates and shares technology designed to increase productivity and support lean manufacturing initiatives. They believe in the power of people and seek to develop tools, methods and support that can enable a company’s workforce to leap ahead in performance. Nature’s Sunshine began using Redzone technology in August 2016.

NSP Production personnel enjoy a photo at the Red Zone event in Chicago. Left to right: Bri Wilding, Steven Dickson, Jordan Brewster, Trent McCausland, Shaylee Crosby, Josh Gravance, Lori Hamilton

Spanish Fork liquid line operators enjoy the Redzone award. Left to right: Shaylee Crosby, Eduardo Turijan, Camil Capellan, Jonathon Pierce, Jocelyne Marquez, Hilary Spencer, Lori Hamilton, Lori Jensen, Jordan Brewster, Joshua Gravance


Other Liquids Line Stars Include—

Liquid Chlorophyll One of our top sellers for decades, this minty, dark-green elixir supports the digestive system and detoxification as it upregulates phase II enzymes.

Thai-Go® is LOADED with antioxidants, from mangosteen, concord grapes, blueberries, acai berries, pomegranate and more. It supports the cardiovascular system, enhances immunity and promotes energy.

Nature’s Noni Juice provides nourishing tropical support for the joints and digestive system.

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