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At our September 2015 Leaders Conference, keynote speaker Tiffany Peterson, founder and president of The Lighthouse Principles, provided uplifting and on-target success training. We offer a few highlights here, in her own words where possible.

Tiffany’s tremendous experience with Franklin-Covey, Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad) and Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul), provided invaluable insight and life experience. Her record-breaking sales achievements quickly led her to be a highly sought trainer and mentor, which opened the door to speaking, coaching and eventually to founding her own business.


Doing isn’t difficult, deciding is. Remember:
• You are a change maker. You have access to tools and resources to change people’s lives, health, well-being, home and bank account.
• You have the power to create whatever it is you choose to create.
• Where will you be in a year from now? How many lives are you going to change in a year including your own? Become conscious of it.


You are your first enrollment every day.
• Take care of your needs and vitality.
• We don’t sell anxiety or exhaustion. You are a living testimonial of what you represent.
• Invest in your future by finding the best term life insurance, making smart decisions with your finances, etc.
• Care for yourself first, and you can then attract and help others.


Am I willing to be uncomfortable to have the results that I want?
• Everyone experiences feelings of discomfort/fear.
• One thing I need to do to make more sales? Follow up.
• We already know it. Why don’t we sometimes do it? Fear of failure or rejection looms large. “What will other people think of me?”
• You have access to life-changing products. Then why would you ever hesitate to share? Why would we hold back the good news?


Your ability to manage your discomfort puts you on the road to your next level of success…rank advancement, team growth, your ability, etc. • When we feel fear, we hide, pull back, shut down, withdraw. “I’m going to sit here and get ready to get ready to get ready.” • Ask yourself, “When my fear comes up, how am I going to handle it?”
1. Feelings are not facts. They are feedback.
2. Fear is a teacher. It means you’re on the cusp of a breakthrough.
3. “Everything you want is just outside your comfort zone.” -Robert Allen
4. Read The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks.


The top two or three thoughts, feelings or images associated with the word sales or selling have a negative connotation. We tend to think of a pushy person like a used car salesman. There might be manipulation and pressure involved and very little trust. “No thank you.”

But sales are found all throughout our relationships:
• Getting kids to go to bed on time or eat their veggies
• Dating
• Getting married
• Getting elected

We are constantly influencing people throughout our lives, selling them on ourselves or our ideas.


“I know I have a product that can change people’s lives. I even feel drawn or called to sharing this message with the planet. Yet I have this bridge called a sales process. I don’t want to be perceived as the slick car salesman type….”

Fear: What will other people think of me?

Reality: Don’t be so stingy.


• Your mind is the most powerful, creative force on the planet.
• Decide in your mind how you’re going to see your mission. Then you’ll experience more than just a change in how you share health. You’ll have a change in outlook.
• You will improve your family relationships.
• You’ll become a walking testimonial.


Change the conversation from selling to serving. It’s your job to serve others.

• Show up and serve.
• It’s about me being a vessel and being willing to give a voice to my knowledge and awareness.
• Oprah Winfrey was asked about her life path/ success. She didn’t have a vision in the beginning. “Every day I got up and prayed, ‘Use me, God. Use me.'” Partner with your higher power.
• “We never lack contacts. We only lack vision.” -Tiffany Peterson. We lose sight of “I’m here to serve.” We may rake leaves, baby-sit, bring in a meal or pay a compliment. But your business is your ministry.

You’re all in the people business. Build connections, trust and relationships. Then, when people need help in supporting their health, that bridge is already built. In business, connections are important whether it is on an internal or an external basis. You need to put trust in individuals who will not hinder but create more success in your business and this is an investment into growth. You could try an online accountant, to sort out your finances but at a lower cost. This will allow you to promote your business and hiring a paid professional allows you to focus on other things. Also, relying on the employees, in your company, instead of leaving all the work for yourself, not only makes the employees feel more valued in their work, but also allows you to not be overly stressed with the workload.


1. Connection.

Connection = clients = cash. People do business with those they know, like and trust. Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People asks, “How often do other people feel important in your presence?” How can I make other people feel important? That is a million-dollar mind-set. Every human has the need to feel significant. When running a successful business, it’s not just your clients who need to feel significant, but your employees need to as well. You don’t want your employees to quit your business, as otherwise, you could fail. And looking for signs an employee is about to quit could help you to prevent this from happening in the first place. Both your clients and employees need to feel significant to your business to help make it a success.

People are our priority.
• Network = Net worth. Who in my network am I going to nourish? “It is never crowded along the extra mile.” -Wayne Dyer. How am I going to treat other people in my home and in my business? Don’t forget the personal touch: handwritten notes, remembering people’s names, going to lunch and saying thank-you. Be present for people. Success is always scheduled. Be committed.
• The Law of Four Interactions. Keep in mind that 60% of all sales transactions take place after the fourth interaction (Herbert True, Notre Dame University). That means persistence trumps talent every single time, and that 60% of your business rests on your ability to follow up.
• 44% of all change agents (not salespeople) will quit after a first contact. They may be tempted to think “He/she is not interested.”
• Another 24% quit after the second contact.
• Another 14% quit after the third contact.
• And another 12% quit after the fourth contact.
• That’s 94% quitting. Only 6% see that a contact can become a contract. The R stands for relationships. You need time to build and strengthen relationships.
• “Dollars follow value.” -Tony Robbins. If you want more dollars, you simply add more value. “Offer value wherever I go, whether I am paid or not.” Add value to people’s lives. You’re already living this. Ask yourself, “How can I implement this?” Build it into your schedule.

2. Great Questions.

Ask more, talk less. What you’re asking, not what you’re telling, has the most influence. “The quality of your life is based on the quality of the questions you’re asking yourself.” -Tony Robbins. Take inventory as part of your self-care. “What do I need to start/stop doing in my life? What’s my number one distraction and how can I eliminate it?” Master great questions and people sell themselves. If something comes from a person’s mouth, it’s gospel. If it comes from your mouth, it’s an opinion. We want to educate people…draw them out to themselves with great questions.


1. Now. Understand where a person is right now. Pain lives here. People buy emotionally and decide/justify choices logically. When people want something they will find the resources for it. 2. Dreams. Discover a person’s dreams and goals, what they want to achieve or have life to be like.
3. Gap. Here’s where my life is now and here is where I want it to be.
4. Commitment. Help them commit to seeking change in their own lives.
5. Solution. Are you or your business providing a solution for a legitimate problem?

Think about how insurance brokers or accountancy brokers negotiate between buyers and sellers on an almost daily basis, understanding both sides and providing a solution that works for them both. What kind of strategies might they apply? If they can do it, so can you. Maybe it would mean understanding the nuances of the business, like the valuation of accounting practice before helping to sell it, in the case of the accountancy broker. Whatever it may be, think about how it benefits the person choosing to buy and what value they’re being provided with.


Remember, the harvest cannot be prevented. It’s easy to get discouraged if you’re putting time in, watering, weeding and not getting results as quickly as you like. But if you persist, you will harvest. Be faithful and persistent. You may be in the July (adversity, struggle, challenge) of your life seeing little sprouts. You’re hot, sweaty and tired. Push through July and you will meet with success. Loyalty pays great dividends. Be true to your dreams and your dreams will be true to you. SWSWSWSW Some will, some won’t. So what? Someone’s waiting for your message… from your voice.


• Habits lead to results.
• Sell the destination, not the airplane.
• Your dreams come from a divine place. Be true to them.
• Your fortune is in your follow-through.

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