Quick Workouts for Couples

Take some time to be fit with your significant other. We’re keeping it basic. All of these workouts can take 15 minutes or less (of course you can extend the time if you feel like it).

Partner Breathing

Deep breathing let’s your brain know that it is time to slow down and relax.  Partner breathing is a great way for you and your significant other to spend some quality time together without having to say much. So, if you live with the strong silent type, this is perfect for you.


Stretching & Flexibility Mat Workout

These stretches can all be done while sitting. Yoga mat is preferred but not essential. Stretching doesn’t have to be something you only do right before you start your exercise routine. There are a variety of stretches on this video. Work with your partner to determine which stretches will work for you. This stretching exercise only lasts 12 minutes.


Partner Boat Pose

I tried this one with my wife and it took a lot of laughing before we were able to do it (it takes some coordination). If you have less than two minutes to try one of these workouts, this is the one, although you can keep the pose for longer if you’d like.


A Few Other Suggestions

Take a walk together. It’s an exercise you can do practically anywhere and you get to hold hands.

Take a bike ride. Many cities have businesses that rent bikes if you don’t have one of your own. Map out your route before you leave your house.

Medicine ball toss can be fun. There are several passes to choose from but the most basic is the lunge pass.

There are games you can play with a basketball that don’t involve a one-on-one half-court game. Try a game of horse, for example.


These are a few suggestions. We hope you take a few minutes this weekend to be fit with the person you care about most.

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