Reaching the Top of the World: Motivational Lessons From Scaling The 7 Summits — Healthy Living Radio #2

Susan Ershler, the fourth American woman to climb the Seven Summits, sat down with us to talk about her experience in accomplishing what only a handful of people have ever done.

She began a 10-year journey of mental and physical training with her husband, and through the process overcame cancer, setbacks, and many obstacles in reaching the Seven Summits.

In the end, those 10 years were rewarded in a 25-minute victory on top of Mt. Everest.

The right diet and quality nutritional supplements can do a lot for a healthy life. However, the health of the mind and soul may be as or more important than what you eat.

Susan’s experiences will help you fine tune your mind and have the motivation to accomplish your dreams. You can also go here to check out her book, “Together on Top of the World,” which tells the story of the first couple to climb the fabled Seven Summits.



  • Introducing Susan Ershler
  • Climbing the corporate ladder while climbing the Seven Summits
  • Adversity she faced when climbing
  • Fighting cancer
  • Inspiring each other
  • “I am guiding and climbing strong”
  • What she learned about herself from climbing
  • Lessons from Mt. Kilimanjaro
  • The journey from Washington to Mt. Everest
  • The dangers between basecamp and the summit of Everest
  • How to fulfill your dreams
  • The power of focus
  • The importance of preparation, focus and drive
  • Having to turn around after 63 days of climbing
  • The power of determination
  • “A happiness I can’t even describe”
  • Complacency can get you killed
  • 10 years of preparation for a 25-minute experience
  • A bond the never breaks
  • Building confidence
  • Collect experiences not things
  • What do you do after you reach your big goal?


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