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Q&A with Holistic Nutrition expert Pat Adams

Nature’s Sunshine customers, fans and followers have enjoyed the benefits of Silver Shield® and Silver Shield Rescue Gels with bioavailable Aqua Sol Technology for their immune support21488 and antibacterial properties for years. And now, Silver Shield is available in an EXTRA LARGE bottle to match its EXTRA LARGE set of benefits. We recently asked Board Certified Holistic Nutrition expert Pat Adams how she plans to maximize the new size in her NSP business.

“When people stop in my shop for help with an immune challenge my first inclination is always Silver Shield. It seems that no matter what they’re facing, Silver Shield can make a difference.”

Q. For those who don’t know much about Silver Shield, let’s talk about it. Tell me why it’s one of your go-to supplements.

A. Silver Shield really is a mainstay in my business. I love it for more reasons than I can list! Because of its versatile properties it’s a wonderful support for immunity and topical management of minor cuts and irritations. It’s so easy to apply or take! It doesn’t taste like anything at all, so I never have issues with clients not liking it. Even kids will take Silver if they’re in need.

Sometimes people ask me why our product is better than the competitors on the market, and I immediately tell them about our patented Aqua Sol Technology. Nobody else offer this! Our product features a more stable and bioavailable silver particle, and it’s incredibly safe and effective. We’ve created a remarkable process that makes Silver Shield more potent than those other products. We’ve got a small yet powerful army! Because of our patent, we can get the same effect from a smaller amount of silver particles than our competitors can. And best of all, I know I can stand behind it. Our product actually does what the label promises it does.

Q. How and when do you recommend your customers use it?

A. I love to tell stories and to share examples of experiences I’ve had with the product, so that’s how I approach sharing Silver Shield. People come in looking for all-natural solutions to simple things like those symptoms we often experience with the change in seasons, wound care management, helping minor burns and skin irritations, and I tell them what the product has done for me.

We’re always under attack – always fighting off bugs that can impede our productivity and potentially make us really sick. Silver Shield offers broad-spectrum immune support and has antimicrobial properties that we need every day; whether we’re sick or not.

I recommend that everyone keep a Silver Shield Rescue Gel with them at all times. Anytime there’s an accident and someone is cut, gets a rash or minor burn, it’s wonderful to have on hand. I also like using it as an alternative to synthetic hand sanitizers.

Q. We’re heading into a change of seasons. How do you use Silver Shield to protect yourself and your family?

A. When I’m actually feeling under the weather or sense something coming on (which is not very often thanks to NSP products), I use Silver Shield as directed every day for up to 14 days. I’d send the kids to school with their own bottle, and/or our Silver Shield Rescue Gel to use after washing their hands, sharing pens and pencils or being on the playground. If you start to feel strange or become concerned that you’re in trouble, reach for Silver Shield right away!

Q. What are some of the benefits of having the product available in a 32 fl. oz. size?

A. Value and access of course! The more people in your household, the more product you need. It’s that simple. I have always had clients ask me for larger, value-sized bottles, and I’m so excited to offer one finally.

Some people are concerned about the cost of purchasing in large quantities, but I help them understand the value available by buying in bulk. I also take the time to have them consider how much money they lose in downtime and lost productivity when they’re not feeling their best. They may spend a few dollars a day on our healthful products to deal with concerns, but what is that compared to missing days of work and other responsibilities? In my experience, Silver Shield can help us to get over these seasonal challenges days before we would without it, so we also need to consider the value there. When we’re feeling down and out and we need immune support, is there much we wouldn’t do or pay to feel better?

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